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46<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">cort after having had their passage out of the Indian embassy blocked several times by the Taliban. Albania said it had accepted a US request to serve as a transit hub for evacuees. A flight by Emirates Airlines to Kabul was diverted and later returned to Dubai, and United Arab Emirates airline Flydubai announced that it would suspend flights to Kabul on 16 August. By 16 August, most other airlines had also announced suspension of flights to Kabul. The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority announced that it had released Kabul airspace to the military and warned that &quot;any transit through Kabul airspace will be uncontrolled&quot;. The DOD confirmed on 16 August that General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., Commander, United States Central Command, met Taliban leaders in Qatar to secure an agreement. The Taliban reportedly agreed to allow American evacuation flights at Kabul Airport to proceed without hinderance. International airlifts of evacuees had
47  resumed by 17 August following a temporary halt to clear the runway of civilians as the DOD confirmed the airport was open for all military flights and limited commercial flights. Pentagon officials added that evacuation efforts were expected to speed up and were scheduled to continue until 31 August. Al Jazeera, relaying tracking of flight data posts on Twitter, said that between August 15 and 16, at least 170 military flights flew from countries including the United States (128); the United Kingdom (12); France (6); Canada (5); Germany (4); Italy (3); Australia (3); India (2); Austria (1); Belgium (1); Denmark (1); Holland (1); Sweden (1); Spain (1); and Turkey (1). A photograph of over 800 refugees packed into an American C-17 taking off from Kabul was widely shared on social media. French newspaper Le Monde stated that the photo had become &quot;a symbol of the escape from the Taliban&quot;. Another video went viral on 17 August, where a man attempting to escape the country rec
48 orded himself and others clinging onto a C-17 military aircraft. A photograph of a US soldier clutching the furled US embassy flag during the evacuations emerged and was circulated by media outlets. 17&ndash;22 August General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. (center), commander of United States Central Command, at Kabul Airport on 17 August 2021 Soldiers of 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, US Army, guarding the tarmac at Kabul Airport. Crowds of people can be seen in the background. On 18 August, it was reported that an Afghan interpreter who had worked for the Australian military had been shot in the leg by the Taliban as he crossed a checkpoint leading to the airport. That same day, it was further reported that the first Australian evacuation flight had departed the airport with only 26 people on board, despite having capacity for over 120. The first German evacuation flight the day prior had also transported a low number of evacuees, taking off with only 7 on
49  board. On 19 August, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated that the evacuation flights could not take unaccompanied children after a number of videos posted to social media showed desperate families attempting to convince NATO soldiers to take their children to safety. The Guardian reported that the British government had informed the 125 Afghan guards who had been guarding the British embassy in Kabul that they would not be offered asylum in the UK because they were hired by the private security firm GardaWorld. Guards of the US embassy had already been evacuated. That evening, the Finnish government announced it was preparing to send troops to the airport to assist in the evacuations, with around 60 Finnish citizens still stuck in Kabul. French newspaper Lib&eacute;ration obtained a confidential United Nations report that found the Taliban had priority lists of individuals to arrest and were also targeting the families of people who had worked with the government and NATO. US X
50 VIII Airborne Corps soldiers monitor evacuees boarding an aircraft, 21 August On 21 August, The Indian Express reported that the Taliban had blocked 72 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus from boarding an Indian Air Force evacuation flight. Kim Sengupta of the The Independent reported that at least four women were crushed to death in a rush on a narrow road leading to the airport. By the afternoon, the US government was advising American citizens not to travel to the airport because of potential risks. On the same day, Indonesia evacuated 26 of its nationals, along with five Filipinos and two Afghan nationals. On 22 August, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation revealed that the Australian government had denied visas to over 100 Afghans who had worked as security guards for the Australian embassy. That evening, Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense, ordered the activation of the American Civil Reserve Air Fleet to aid in the evacuations, only the third time in history that the flee
51 t had been activated. By the end of the day, at least 28,000 people had been officially evacuated from Kabul and 13 countries had agreed to temporarily host American refugees, but tens of thousands more foreign nationals and at-risk Afghans remained stuck in Kabul. Over a few days in August, the Royal Australian Air Force completed five evacuation flights, with the Royal New Zeal</p>