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23<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ajiv (Suri) is celebrating his 40th birthday with his friends when he meets a stranger named Sandy (Fatehi) and is intimate with her. She is killed accidentally by pieces of broken glass in the back of her head. Rajiv is stunned looking at the blood-soaked pillow and gulps a lot of alcohol with sleeping pills. The next morning, he wakes up to realise that everything that he was experiencing was just a dream but, as the day progresses, the events that take place in his life and the people that he comes across make him question whether what happened last night was a dream or did it actually happen. He calls his friend to check if his friend is fetching Sandy for the evening party. His friend is shocked as Rajiv was not told about it earlier. Rajiv discovers that Sandy is alive and staying at a hotel, where he calls her and asks to meet her. Sandy is the same girl he had met a few years before for his advertisement shoot and had spent the night wi
24 th and forgotten. Sandy tries to be intimate with Rajiv at the hotel room, but he tells her he saw her dying at the p party. When she hugs him, he remembers the dream suddenly and pushes her back abruptly. She falls on a glass that breaks in her head and she lies on the floor with blood all over. Rajiv is now scared that his dream has come true. On the way back, he is stopped by the police for speeding and asked for his licence. He shows it to the policeman and sees his father&#39;s picture in his wallet. He recollects a childhood scene where his parents fought over the dinner table and the argument ended with their separation. On the way, his car suddenly breaks down on a remote road with the engine smoking. Out of the blue, a mechanic walks up to him with a tool kit and wishes him happy birthday as he ponders the situation. It can only be a fortunate day, a birthday, when someone&#39;s car breaks down and a mecha</p>
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