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5<body><a href="http://solaropno.co/G5R7P30Uufc6wWLjlhmsN2sYn3-ml2O6PuyGIfMDjFL6b5UhCA"><img src="http://solaropno.co/6c218ab5eea05aa4ab.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.solaropno.co/Dl6tBpmOQ-Nmyhj5W3uMxuFKaovQVieeY2K3VLi0yPMC7GFxmA" width="1" /></a>
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8<p><span style="font-size:20px;"><a href="http://solaropno.co/TSR0idwCpZ0CZw7NSKLjqicGi92-ky-JtXBjVCWmxIGCEi7jvw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="color:#ff6803;" target="blank"><b>Leave your feedback and you could WIN!</b></a></span></p>
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27<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">lot In Varanasi, Dharam Dhillon (Dharmendra) and his son Gajodhar&mdash;or Prem (Bobby Deol)&mdash;are conning people into thinking that Dharam is a guru named Yamla Baba. When Yograj Khanna (Annu Kapoor) comes from England to meet Dharam, Dharam notices Khanna&#39;s diamond rings. Dharam and Gajodhar pretend to own a company, Oberoi, Oberoi &amp; Oberoi. Impressed, Yograj begins to consider a match for his daughter Suman (Neha Sharma). Suman falls in love with Gajodhar, and a marriage is arranged in England when Dharam&#39;s older son Param(Sunny Deol)&mdash;a loan-recovery agent for a bank&mdash;meets Khanna. Param appears at Khanna&#39;s club as Joginder (Dude) Armstrong (Anupam Kher) arrives to take it over, and beats up Armstrong&#39;s flunkies and goons. Grateful, Khanna hires him as his manager. Paramveer then finds Dharam and Gajodhar trying to swindle his boss. Dharam and Gajodhar go to a house occupied by an orangutan, Einstein, wh
28 ose absent owner (a disciple of Yamla Baba) has allowed them to stay there. The next day they go to Khanna&#39;s house for Gajodhar and Suman&#39;s engagement party, at which Paramveer is a guest. Paramveer meets art-gallery employee Reet (Kristina), with whom he falls in love. After Suman and Gajodhar are engaged, Gajodhar and Dharam discover that Reet (not Suman) is Khanna&#39;s daughter. Although Gajodhar woos Reet, she is interested in Paramveer. Dharam claims to have another child, Prem&#39;s twin Q (Deol). When Q meets the Khannas he claims to be a painter, which attracts Reet. Q unsuccessfully tries to produce a painting. During the night Einstein paints a beautiful picture, which Q passes off as his own. The painting becomes famous, and will be sold at auction. Paramveer makes changes to Khanna&#39;s nightclub, and Khanna wants Q to be his guest of honor. At the party, Reet asks Paramveer how he feels about her. Drunk, he tries to reveal Q&#39;s identity when he is distracte
29 d by Armstrong&#39;s goons. The next morni</span><br />
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