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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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39<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">lapping at his bald head and gives Kevin three days to recover the stolen drugs, threatening that if he failed to do so, he would take the money back by selling all four of the brothers&#39; kidneys. Luke and Attila reach Anna&#39;s place, where Luke tortures Anna for the camera. However, much to their surprise, Naomi becomes an eye witness to the brutal torments. Unwittingly, Anna reveals to them the location of the drug, as a response to which Big show enters Kabir&#39;s house along with Viju, demanding the camera. Kabir is obliged to hand the camera to Luke when he tells him that both Naomi and Anna are his captives. Kabir gets a call from Kevin to make a delivery to Mantoo, and promises that in return, he will set Anna and Naomi free. Kabir goes to deliver the drugs to Mantoo, where he finds that police officers have already raided Mantoo&#39;s haven. Mantoo flees, and Kabir chases him, but he is arrested by police. They are shocked to fi
40 nd Anna&#39;s naked body with all her organs harvested in Kabir&#39;s car. Kevin, infuriated by the insult he faced from Mantoo, decides to murder Mantoo and become the new drug lord, which he does with no hesitation. During interrogation, Kabir escapes from the police station. The officers are bewildered by his combat skills and find out he was a former decorated RAW Agent and Special Forces soldier who retired after his pregnant wife Rukshida (Shruti Haasan) was murdered. Kabir fights with Attila at a nightclub and is shot, but breaks into a medicine shop and performs an impromptu surgery. He then continues on his journey, and finds and frees several child slaves in a drug manufacturing plant, and in the process, kills Luke. He tracks down Kevin, who says he has had Naomi killed. He shows a container that has what he says are her eyes. Kabir kills all the gang members, including Attila and Kevin. As Kabir prepares to commit suicide out of utter grief, Naomi emerges. It is revealed
41  she had been saved by Attila before her eye surgery; he took pity on her because she had been kind to him. The eyes in the container belonged to the gangsters&#39; surgeon, who had been killed by Attila when the latter saved Naomi. Kabir is arrested, but the officers allow Naomi to ride with him. Kabir asks if they can stop at a convenience store, where he buys Naomi a backpack and school supplies. He asks her if she can manage until he returns, to which she nods. The film ends with him asking her for a hug, to which she agree</div>