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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://surveyidea.us/e_LisxBbMYQBXrI_MQi78k688SahdtMx92DpJulsV_DT1C1M8A"><img src="http://surveyidea.us/b8859c1a793d665fd8.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.surveyidea.us/bVR4ZK-6-zHcs74vjniMXNx-JGny0HPyZhs5iBvEUFAwHLktUw" width="1" /></a>
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60<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ew York City, Sonny Koufax is a 32-year-old slacker who refuses to take the bar exam (despite being an intelligent law graduate), works one day a week as a toll booth attendant, and lives off a large compensation payout from a minor accident. His girlfriend Vanessa threatens to break up with him unless he takes more responsibility. His roommate Kevin Gerrity proposes to his podiatrist girlfriend Corinne Maloney before he leaves for China to work on a case for his law firm, and she accepts. Sonny constantly teases Corinne, who strongly dislikes him, about her former job at Hooters. The next day, Sonny wakes up to find Julian McGrath, a five-year-old abandoned at their apartment. A written explanation states that Julian&#39;s mother is no longer able to care for him and that Kevin is his biological father. Sonny contacts Kevin, who is puzzled by the news. In spite of his selfishness and lack of parenting skills, Sonny assures him that he will
61 look after Julian until Kevin returns from China. In order to win Vanessa back, Sonny introduces her to Julian. However, he discovers that she is now dating Sid, an elderly man whom, despite being 36 years her senior, she reveres as more motivated and intelligent and who has a &quot;five-year plan&quot;. Posing as Kevin, Sonny takes Julian to his social worker Arthur Brooks, telling him that Julian should return to his mother. However, Brooks informs Sonny that Julian&#39;s mother died of cancer. Sonny then decides to raise Julian his own way. The two develop a strong bond, and Julian helps Sonny find a new girlfriend in Corinne&#39;s lawyer sister Layla. Brooks finds a foster home for Julian and leaves messages for Sonny, but is suspicious when Sonny does not answer. At a meeting at Julian&#39;s school, Sonny rethinks his parenting methods after hearing a teacher complain about the habits Julian has developed. He turns Julian&#39;s behavior around, but then Brooks arrives to find o
62 ut Sonny impersonated Kevin, and threatens to arrest him if he does not hand over Julian. Sonny complies but contacts Layla to help take legal action. In court, numerous people, including Corinne, testify on Sonny&#39;s behalf and tell the judge he is a suitable father. Julian also testifies and provides information regarding his heritage. Sonny then calls himself to the stand and asks his lawyer father Lenny, visiting from Florida, to question him. Despite Lenny&#39;s fervent belief that Sonny is not father material, Sonny convinces Lenny that he will try his best at being a father. Impressed by Sonny&#39;s sincerity, Lenny vouches for him. Nonetheless, the unconvinced judge orders Sonny&#39;s arrest. Kevin, recalling Julian&#39;s testimony about the circumstances of his birth, realizes he is Julian&#39;s biological father and refuses to press charges on Sonny. Kevin is granted custody of Julian, and Sonny promises Julian that they still will be best friends. He then passes Julian
63 to Kevin, and the two start to bond. One year later, Sonny has completely turned his life around: he is a successful lawyer, is married to Layla, and they have a child of their own. Sonny is given a surprise birthday party at a Hooters restaurant, attended by his friends, including Julian, who is happy in his new family with Kevin and Corinne (and often meets up with Sonny for activities, such as basketball). Sonny then encounters Vanessa working as a waitress with Sid working as a cook, revealing that his &quot;five-year plan&quot; did not go as she had hoped. Everyone but a frustrated Vanessa celebrates Sonny&#39;s birthd</span></div>