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49<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:3px;">nry Roth is a veterinarian at Sea Life Park on Oahu. His closest friends are Ula, a marijuana-smoking Islander; Alexa, his androgynous assistant; Willy, his pet African penguin; and Jocko, a walrus. Henry&#39;s boat breaks down, so he goes to the Hukilau Caf&eacute; to wait for the Coast Guard. He sees Lucy Whitmore make architectural art with her waffles. Henry assumes she is a local, which prevents him from introducing himself, but the next day he comes back and has breakfast with her. Lucy asks to see him again the next morning. The next day, Lucy shows no recollection of ever meeting him. The restaurant owner Sue explains to Henry that the year before, Lucy and her father Marlin went up to the North Shore to pick a pineapple for his birthday. On the way back, a car accident left Lucy with anterograde amnesia. To save her the heartbreak of reliving the accident, Marlin and Doug, Lucy&#39;s lisping steroid-addicted brother, re-enact Marli
50 n&#39;s birthday. Despite Sue&#39;s warning, Henry tries to get Lucy to have breakfast with him again. It ends poorly when Henry unintentionally hurts Lucy&#39;s feelings. At her house, Marlin and Doug instruct Henry to leave Lucy alone. Henry begins concocting ways to run into Lucy through the following days, during which he manages to successfully impress her over a series of &quot;first&quot; dates and &quot;chance&quot; encounters. Later, Marlin and Doug give their permission for Henry to continue when they discover Lucy regularly singing the Beach Boys&#39; &quot;Wouldn&#39;t It Be Nice&quot; in her painting studio &ndash; the first major change in her routine since the accident. One day, as Henry is about to sit with Lucy at breakfast, she notices a police officer writing a ticket because of her expired plates. With the ruse exposed, Lucy is distressed to learn that her friends have maintained the charade for so long; however, in watching her reaction, Henry surmises that her
51 strongest reactions are to feeling betrayed by her friends, not the actual memory loss. Henry devises a new strategy to let Lucy know about the truth by creating a video with her friends to explain the situation calmly; rather than let her go through her pre-accident routine, they plant the video in her room with a note to play it when she first wakes up. The strategy works and allows Lucy to process the events while catching her up on current events, including her relationship to Henry. Henry and Lucy&#39;s relationship grows well using this method, and they continue to refine the process while enduring some humorous setbacks. However, when Lucy discovers that Henry has decided to cancel ten years&#39; worth of planning for his research study of walruses in Bristol Bay to help manage her condition, she decides that they need to break up. Henry reluctantly helps her destroy her journal entries of their relationship and effectively &quot;erase&quot; their time together. Some weeks la
52 ter, Henry is preparing to leave for his research study. Before he goes, Marlin tells him that Lucy is now living at the institute and teaching an art class. As a parting gift, he gives Henry a Beach Boys CD which reminds him of Lucy. He soon realizes that Lucy&#39;s singing of &quot;Wouldn&#39;t It Be Nice&quot; was not random, but occurred on days when they met together and indicates new learned memory retention. Henry abandons his trip and travels to the art class. While Lucy does not remember him, she reveals that she dreams about him every night and has been painting some of their adventures. They happily reconcile. Some time later, Lucy wakes up and plays the tape marked &quot;Good Morning Lucy&quot;. It again reminds her of her accident, but ends with her and Henry&#39;s wedding. From the tape, Henry says to put a jacket on and come have breakfast when she is ready. Lucy then sees that she is on Henry&#39;s boat, which finally made it to Alaska. She goes up on deck and meets
53 Marlin, Henry and their young daughter, Nicole. Cast Adam Sandler as Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian with a habit of wooing women and a fear of commitment Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore, Henry&#39;s love interest with short-term memory loss Rob Schneider as Ula, Henry&#39;s marijuana-smoking, wealthy native Hawaiian assist</span></center>