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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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56<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">us Matthews (Rob Schneider), Richie Goodman (David Spade), and Clark Reedy (Jon Heder) are adult &quot;nerds&quot; who spent their childhoods longing to play baseball, but never got the chance. When a nerdy, unathletic boy named Nelson Carmichael (Max Pardo) and his friends are bullied and kicked off a baseball diamond by a local little league team, Gus and Clark chase the bullies away. When Gus and Clark go with Richie to the field, the bullies return and demand that they leave. Gus challenges the bullies to play them for the field. They win the game due to Gus&#39;s surprising aptitude. A man named Brad (Sean Salisbury), one of Clark and Richie&#39;s childhood bullies, challenges them to another game, but the three friends win again. Nelson&#39;s billionaire father Mel (Jon Lovitz) tells the trio about his plan to hold a round-robin with all the little league teams in the state, plus their team. The winners will be given access to a new mul
57 timillion-dollar baseball park. The three name themselves the Benchwarmers and join the tournament. The Benchwarmers win every single game, with Clark and Richie&#39;s abilities gradually improving, and the team becomes popular among many nerds, children with poor athletic abilities, and the general public. The little league teams start meeting to think of plans to defeat the Benchwarmers. At the semi-final game, the competing team&#39;s coach Wayne enters a 30-year-old Dominican professional baseball player named Carlos (Amaury Nolasco) into the league claiming him to be 12 years old. The Benchwarmers eventually defeat Carlos by getting him too drunk to pitch properly. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to derail the trio, the Benchwarmers&#39; adversaries finally find a weakness that they can exploit. They find evidence that Gus was a bully himself as a child, known for using name calling over physical force and had bullied one boy named Marcus (Joe Gnoffo) so intensely that he
58 had to be sent to a mental institution. Seizing this opportunity, the bully teams expose Gus&#39; secret to the public, shaming Gus into resigning from the team. However, Gus sincerely apologizes to Marcus just before the final game and in return, Marcus forgives Gus in front of everyone at the beginning of the final game. Gus re-joins the team, announcing that Marcus is the Benchwarmers&#39; new third-base coach. In the final game, Gus, Clark and Richie let a team consisting of Nelson and other non-athletic children play, to give them a chance to compete. The final is played against a team with their coach Jerry (Craig Kilborn) who is the leader of all the bullies on the little league teams and was Richie and Clark&#39;s childhood bully. In the final inning, the Benchwarmers are losing, but Jerry&#39;s team sees that the Benchwarmers are having fun playing the game anyway. Seeing how heartless and uncaring Jerry is and realizing the true spirit of the game, they decide to let Nelso
59 n score a run, saying that Jerry is &quot;the loser&quot;. The Benchwarmers storm the field, celebrating the fact that they were not shut out. The entire Benchwarmers team, along with the kids from Jerry&#39;s team, Marcus, and even Carlos and Wayne, celebrate at Pizza Hut. Richie and Clark get girlfriends and Gus announces that he is going to become a fathe</div>