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7<span style="font-family:trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:12px;"><a href="http://prayermracle.co/cxUmMMomRs_ajY2xniKqrHaqe5blu6WR6Rc2RI63SklD7naHpQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>Having trouble viewing this email? Click here for a web version.</b></a></span></span><br />
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19<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">eter Gaulke (Steve Zahn) is the host of an unsuccessful nature program called Strange Wilderness which was originally hosted by Peter&#39;s late dad. One day, Peter and his sidekick/soundman Fred Wolf (Allen Covert) are told by network head Ed Lawson (Jeff Garlin) about the negative aspects of Strange Wilderness since the death of Peter&#39;s dad like low ratings, poor content, inappropriate footage, referring to all indigenous peoples as pygmies aside from the littering, and bad things happening to people in footage like an alligator attack on someone and a guy at a peace rally who was on fire. Unless something big happens, Strange Wilderness will be cancelled in two weeks. Peter brainstorms ideas to keep Strange Wilderness on the air with Fred, equipment manager Lynn Cooker (Jonah Hill), driver Danny Gutierrez (Peter Dante), camera man Junior (Justin Long), and his father&#39;s old friend/original cameraman Milas (Ernest Borgnine). Bill Ca
20 lhoun (Joe Don Baker), his dad&#39;s friend, brings him photos of Bigfoot hiding in Ecuador and a map to his cave. Sky Pierson (Harry Hamlin), the host of a more successful wildlife show, has offered $1,000 for the map. Unable to pay this, Peter tells Bill that he will have it in a week at his mountain cabin. Peter, Fred, Lynn, Danny, and Junior start preparing for the long trip. They also bring in two more people like Whitaker (Kevin Heffernan), a former car mechanic now animal handler, and Cheryl (Ashley Scott), a travel agent. Stopping to shoot footage of sea lions, Danny dresses up as a seal for better angles, gets attacked by a shark, and ends up hospitalized. Outside the hospital, Peter and Fred get into trouble with a local gang, get their front teeth knocked out, and have to go to a dentist. These incidents cause more funds being drained. They arrive at Bill&#39;s cabin only to learn he already sold the map to Pierson. However, Bill makes a copy of the map from security came
21 ras. He also enlists the help of renowned tracker Gus Hayden (Robert Patrick), but they are unable to pay him. While urinating in the bushes, Peter is attacked by a mother turkey, ending up with his penis inside its mouth. They rush him to a hospital to remove it from his penis. A wildlife ranger and a conservationist (Jake Abel) that &quot;own&quot; the turkey stop the doctor from cutting the turkey&#39;s head off, offering a $5,000 reward for the bird&#39;s return. Continuing their journey, they eventually reach Ecuador. There, they meet up with Dick (Blake Clark), an explorer and a friend of Bill who takes them to Gus Hayden. The next morning however, they wake up to find that Gus has left, stolen their equipment, and Cheryl is missing. Though hesitant and with Peter not willing to give up, Dick agrees to lead the group through the jungle. During the night, Cheryl catches up with them and explains she saw Gus stealing their equipment and pretended to run off with him so she could
22  get the map back. The next day while crossing the river, Dick is attacked and eaten by piranhas. Coming across Pierson&#39;s camp, they find he and his team have been killed by local pygmies. The group then gathers the equipment and eventually reach Bigfoot&#39;s cave. While filming, a confused Bigfoot (David Mattey) steps out and gets gunned down by the group, scared of his presence. Not sure how to end the show in a good way, Cooker comes up with the idea of showing Bigfoot committing suicide. The surviving members return to the studio to show Lawson their footage where they tried to resuscitate Bigfoot. Lawson berates them for their ridiculousness and cancels Strange Wilderness. This leads to a fight within the group. One year later, Peter gets a visit from Milas who encourages him to revive Strange Wilderness. Peter gets everyone back together and they make an episode about the shark attack using footage of them vomiting into the shark&#39;s mouth at the scene of the incident a
23 s well as Danny getting his arm bitten by that shark. Peter and Fred show it to Lawson. Impressed with the footage outside the fact that people love shark attacks. With Pierson&#39;s dead, Lawson puts Strange Wilderness back on the air. A postscript states that Strange Wilderness became successful again and dominated the 3:00 AM slot. Six months later, Peter&#39;s group went searching for the Loch Ness Monster where hilarity occurred in Scotland. They remain friends to this da</span><br />
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