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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://cleopatrasecret.us/9b5d_WmoT8aRMIzv29yT10tNDlOGnlIkMpG6u1S3XV547DzqlQ"><img src="http://cleopatrasecret.us/bfa64f5707160973e9.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.cleopatrasecret.us/VWwnLzqFX6XuwpiC9OxNVPXhrDyuyQ4CtqxjmPsVRpodWEgX1g" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="font-size:17px;font-family:arial;width:600px;padding:15px;text-align:left;"><b>9-in-1 Multifunctional Cutter Like No Other Unmatched Quality &ndash; Chop, Dice, Slice or Grate</b><br />
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13<b>Soller Vegetable Cutter is your perfect assistant in the kitchen. </b><br />
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15Preparing ingredients for your ideal meal has never been easier, thanks to this 9-1 compact kitchen companion.<br />
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51<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">95, after the death of his wife Martha at the hands of an angry human mob, Count Dracula commissions and builds a massive 5-star, monsters-only hotel in Transylvania, in which he raises his daughter Mavis. The hotel also serves as a safe haven and a getaway for the world&#39;s monsters from fear of human persecution. Famous monsters such as Frankenstein and his wife Eunice, Wayne and Wanda Werewolf and their massive immediate family, Griffin the Invisible Man, and Murray the Mummy often come to stay at the hotel. In the present day, on Mavis&#39; 118th birthday, Dracula allows his daughter to leave the castle to explore the human world, but he sets up an elaborate plan using his zombie bellhops disguised as humans to make them seem intimidating, and frighten her home. The plan works, but the zombies inadvertently lead a 21-year-old human Jonathan &quot;Johnny&quot; Loughran back to the hotel. Drac frantically disguises him as a Frankensteinesqu
52 e monster and passes him off as Frank&#39;s cousin &quot;Johnnystein&quot;. Jonathan soon encounters Mavis and the two &quot;Zing&quot;. Unable to get Johnny out of the hotel without notice, Drac quickly improvises that Johnny is a party planner, brought in to bring a fresher approach to his own traditional and boring parties. Johnny quickly becomes a hit to the other monsters, but this disgusts and worries Drac. Drac orders Johnny to leave, but he is brought back by Mavis. After being shown the beauty of a sunrise by Johnny, Mavis is inspired to give humans another chance. Meanwhile, the hotel chef Quasimodo, with the help of his pet rat Esmeralda, learns that Johnny is a human and kidnaps him to cook him. Drac intervenes and magically freezes Quasimodo to keep him from telling anyone that Johnny is human. Drac leads Johnny to his quarters and shows him a painting of Martha, allowing Johnny to realize why Drac built the hotel and became overprotective of Mavis. Johnny then agrees t
53 o leave for good, but Drac persuades him to stay for the time being to avoid ruining Mavis&#39;s birthday. The party is a great success the next night, and Mavis looks forward to opening a gift from Martha. However, when Johnny and Mavis share their first kiss, Drac overreacts, and in his outburst, inadvertently confesses to deceiving Mavis with the town. A still-frozen Quasimodo bursts in and Mr. Fly reveals from his frozen speech that Johnny is a human disguised by Drac. The guests are shocked outraged by the deceit at play, but Mavis is undeterred and wants to be with Johnny. Johnny feigns uninterest in Mavis and rejects her out of respect for her father and leaves the hotel. A heartbroken Mavis flies onto the roof with her mother&#39;s gift, and Drac follows her in hopes of comforting her. He learns the present is a book about how Drac and Martha &quot;Zinged&quot; and fell in love. Drac realizes he no longer knows humankind&#39;s true tolerance of monsters. After apologizing to
54  the patrons, Drac persuades Frank, Wayne, Griffin, and Murray to head out into the human world to help him find Johnny, and with the scent-tracking ability of Wayne&#39;s daughter, Winnie, they learn that he is about to catch a flight back to the United States. The four head to the airport, but are held up in a town celebrating a Monster Festival along the way. Admiring the group, the humans agree to help, and a team of men dressed as vampires provides Drac shelter from the sunlight while he rushes to the airport. Drac arrives to see Johnny&#39;s plane taking off, and he gives chase in bat form, burning in the sunlight. After getting Johnny&#39;s attention, Drac makes his way to the windshield of the plane and uses his mind-controlling power on the pilot to help him apologize, stating that Mavis has grown up and can make her own decisions. Johnny accepts his apology, and Drac manipulates the pilot to return to the Transylvanian airport. Drac returns Johnny to Mavis, announcing that
55  he approves of Johnny. Johnny confesses to Mavis that their &quot;Zing&quot; was mutual and the two kiss. The monsters finish celebrating Mavis&#39; party, impressing the hotel gues</p>