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18<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">lsewhere, Udaybhan reaches Burhanpur while the Marathas discuss his route possibilities. Tanhaji coins an attack plan but Pisal sends Chultya to warn Udaybhan about this plan. Pisal schemes of sabotaging Tanhaji&#39;s mission and getting him killed so that Shivaji Raje would then appoint him in-charge of the mission. Pisal intends to become influential enough to overthrow Shivaji Raje and join hands with Udaybhan. Udaybhan is also bringing an imprisoned Kamla Devi (Neha Sharma) en route, the sister of his Rajput general Jagat Singh (Vipul Gupta). Chultya informs Udaybhan about Tanhaji&#39;s attack plan and he tricks Tanhaji into attacking Maratha soldiers disguised under Mughal attire. Elsewhere, Udaybhan reaches Kondhana and aims a huge cannon at Rajgad, threatening Shivaji&#39;s safety. Dejected, Tanhaji reaches Kondhana alone to learn about a secret thief-entrance inside. Udaybhan kills a guard for disobeying the security protocol. Tanhaji
19  recovers his dead remains and motivates the villagers to betray Udaybhan. He is recommended to participate in a Shivratri event on Kondhana where he kills Chultya for betrayal. Tanhaji is imprisoned and tortured by Udaybhan. Jagat Singh secretly releases Tanhaji, revealing Udaybhan&#39;s plan to marry his sister. Tanhaji promises to release them from Udaybhan&#39;s clutches. Tanhaji escapes from the thief-entrance and returns to Umrat where he informs his people about the upcoming war. Savitri Bai (Kajol), Tanhaji&#39;s wife, worries about her husband&#39;s life and son&#39;s wedding. Tanhaji convinces Savitri Bai that everything will be alright, which she replies to by asking him what he wants from her when he returns. Tanhaji makes Savitri Bai promise to wear bridal attire while waiting for him. Udaybhan hangs the guards responsible for Tanhaji&#39;s escape and Jagat Singh agrees to get his sister married to Udaybhan on Ashtami&#39;s eve, thus, convincing her to fake the marriage
20  preparation until Tanhaji arrives. Tanhaji now plans to directly attack Kondhana during Ashtami night on February 4, 1670. He scales the fort through various entrances and attacks the Mughal army. The confusion allows Jagat and Kamla Devi to escape. Udaybhan is alerted and Tanhaji dies in the ensuing battle, although he captures Kondhana before killing Udaybhan. Shivaji&#39;s army conquers Kondhana but he ends up breaking into tears over Tanhaji&#39;s death; saying &quot;Gad aala pan sinh gela&quot; (The fort has been captured but we lost the lion). Later, He personally oversees Rayba&#39;s marriage while Savitri Bai fulfill&#39;s her promise to Tanhaji by adorning herself as a bride behind closed doors as she awaits his return, and Aurangzeb&#39;s dream of winning southern India remains unfilled for 18 years until he himself came and retook it from Maratha</div>
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