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1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
4        <title>Newsletter</title>
6<body><a href="http://hoponopono.co/krLnSCWRs6cqTWBWVgVp1QjA27uQJOK9CXrg0Pi5m01iFNHHiA" rel="sponsored"><img src="http://hoponopono.co/972e3e86f289f1dad8.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.hoponopono.co/xXSjch-sUUOignXTw2d4ov2QSfpdDJi3_QuzjZkc7dczg5Jbig" width="1" /></a><br />
8<div style="margin-left:50px;width:600px;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;"><br />
9The CDC is telling us we need to mask up again&hellip;<br />
10<br />
11<b>...EVEN IF YOU&rsquo;VE BEEN VACCINATED.</b><br />
12<br />
13And it&rsquo;s all thanks to the <mark>Delta</mark> variant.<br />
14<br />
15<a href="http://hoponopono.co/0S68X2uPs6iShD_Lcy3hKomFRg5_b2iwXQUcx8E-AwTmIoKpfg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img src="http://hoponopono.co/ddd8e732d7ec933109.png" /></a><br />
16<br />
17<b>So what is it? And why do we need masks AND vaccinations?</b><br />
18<br />
19We break down the facts here, and show you why you should <a href="http://hoponopono.co/0S68X2uPs6iShD_Lcy3hKomFRg5_b2iwXQUcx8E-AwTmIoKpfg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>stock up on masks again before the next big wave hits&hellip;</b></a></div>
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34<a href="http://hoponopono.co/e_Y81D42e5qJgX5R1DqYCbxeVhOUE89c_Jms8XEtSu-96eqO7A" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="margin-left:50px;" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://hoponopono.co/74fe63d077a6138546.jpg" /></a><br />
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43<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">herlyn Chopra From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Sherlyn Chopra Sherlyn Chopra snapped at Tunu Tunu album launch (03) (cropped).jpg Chopra in 2019 Born Hyderabad, India Occupation Modelactresssinger Years active 2002&ndash;present Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) Title Miss Andhra Beauty pageant titleholder Major competition(s) Miss Andhra Beauty Pageant Bigg Boss 3 Website sherlynchopra.com Sherlyn Chopra is an Indian actress and model who worked in Hindi films. In July 2012, Chopra became the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine. The photos were released two years later. She was then selected to host the sixth season of the show MTV Splitsvilla. In December 2013, she released her music single titled &quot;Bad Girl&quot;. She was a contestant in the reality show Bigg Boss in 2009. Contents 1 Early life and modelling 2 Acting career 3 Filmography 3.1 Film 3.2 Television 4 Discography 5 See also 6 Ref
44 erences 7 External links Early life and modelling Chopra was born in Hyderabad, India to a Christian father and a Muslim mother. Her father was a doctor. She attended Stanley Girls High School and Saint Ann&#39;s College for Women in Secunderabad. In 1999 she was crowned &quot;Miss Andhra&quot;. Acting career Chopra at an event in 2013. Chopra&#39;s early acting career consisted of roles in few Bollywood films. She appeared in movies such as Time Pass, Red Swastik and Game. She made her Telugu film debut in A Film by Aravind . Chopra was also a contestant on Bigg Boss. She was evicted from the show on Day 27. From 2013 on, she filmed as the lead protagonist in Kamasutra 3D, directed by Rupesh Paul, and she also appeared in the trailer which was released at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival. In June 2016, she told the media that she was not working on the project anymore. Filmography Film Chopra at Playboy India press conference. Year Title Role Language Note</p>