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22<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">he series follows Katie Joplin (Park Overall), a single mother to her 14-year-old son Greg (Jesse Head). While living in Knoxville, she is disappointed with her job in a bottling plant, where she works 16 hours a day. She moves to Philadelphia, to track down her estranged husband Jerry and find a new job. Katie&#39;s niece Liz Berlin (Ana Reeder) allows her and Greg to live in her loft on a temporary basis. Liz is an editor at a popular fashion magazine, and television historians Tim Brooks and Earle F. Marsh described her as a fashion plate. Katie first works for the Crescent Corset Company and later Car City, while her son attends Benjamin Franklin High School. Katie makes a positive first impression with WLBP-FM&#39;s general manager Glen Shotz (Jay Thomas) while trying to sell him a car. Thomas approached his character from a sympathetic viewpoint; he explained: &quot;I&#39;m trying to make this guy more human than any general manager I&
23 #39;ve ever had.&quot; Brooks and Marsh wrote Katie impressed Glen her &quot;perception, Southern wit, and strong opinions&quot; and said she received a job to host a phone-in radio program because of her &quot;out-spoken nature&quot;. Episodes are often about Katie&#39;s attempt to balance her career and her relationship with her son. Head said that he shared several characteristics with Greg, explaining that they both come from small towns and enjoy &quot;the music and baggy pants&quot;. During her six-hour overnight show, entitled The Katie Joplin Show, Katie gives advice on love to her listeners. Program director Mitchell Tuit (Jim Rash) dislikes her as he opposes a talk show airing on his primarily rock and roll station. In an attempt to sabotage the program, he pairs her with the inexperienced producer Tiger French (Simon Rex). The Malay Mail&#39;s Marina Abdul Ghani wrote that Katie quickly becomes popular with listeners because she can get &quot;right to the heart of the mat
24 ter&quot;. Glen has a teenage daughter, Sara Shotz (Majandra Delfino), out-of-wedlock and has not talked to her in years. During the show, he has a wife who recently gave birth to twins. Upon Katie&#39;s encouragement, Glen reconnects with Sara, and spoils her and hires her as a receptionist despite her incompetence. Sara treats Glen respectfully after he disciplines her, and she moves in with him. An episode focuses on Sara and Tiger secretly datin</span><br />
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