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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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15<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">The story centres on the legacy of a dead Indian underworld don Baba Baldev Prasad, who dies of a heart attack. He leaves diamonds worth $200mn at the New York Bank, to be distributed equally between his son Vikrant, his daughter Preeti, and Preeti&#39;s husband Guru Gulab Khatri. To claim the diamonds, all three benefactors must be present at the bank or, if dead, their death certificates must be presented. Shortly after Don&#39;s death, Vikrant attempts to eliminate Guru by assassinating the Indian home minister in full view of television cameras while disguised as him. Guru flees to the US disguised as someone else to escape prosecution. Guru moves to the street where Anmol and his family live. Anmol recognizes him from the news. His mother-in-law forces him to go to India, along with his father-in-law, Manilal to tell Vikrant about Guru and get the reward. But everything turns wrong when Vikrant doesn&#39;t give the reward and instead se
16 nds Anmol and Manilal back to the USA with his hired men, Yeda Anna and Chota Chathri to kill Guru. Later, they find out that Yeda Anna was a double agent: He was working for Guru the whole time because he offered more money. The group receive Vikrant and Preeti at the airport and drive to the hotel. At the hotel, Vikrant is kidnapped by a mysterious group of Chinese goons. Yeda Anna receives a phone call and finds out that the kidnapped Vikrant was a duplicate of the real one and the real one was going to come later by plane. They kill the second Vikrant and put his body in a car by the Brooklyn Bridge. With Vikrant&#39;s death, Preeti and Guru each get half of the diamonds. When they are outside the bank, a group of policemen arrest them and take them to an unknown desert area. It is revealed that Vikrant is still alive and the first Vikrant was kidnapped by Chinese goons. Vikrant gets the diamonds and tries to kill Guru. A fight occurs. At the end of the fight, Guru kills Vikrant
17 . When it&#39;s all over, they ask each other to find out who has the diamonds. Anmol has them and says he will give them to Guru if he gives Preeti a divorce. Guru arrives at the location selected by Anmol and gets the diamonds while giving Anmol the divorce papers. Yeda Anna double crosses Guru and tries to steal the diamonds. Guru wins in a fight and Yeda gives the diamonds to Guru while hanging him to a bar and having him stand on Chota Chathri&#39;s shoulders. In the end, Anmol and his love, Preeti, are seen going to India. Anmol&#39;s ex-father-in-law gives him some diamonds that he received from Guru. Preeti comments that she didn&#39;t know that Guru was so nice.</span><br />
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