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1<!DOCTYPE html>
4        <title>Newsletter</title>
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8<div style="padding:15px;width:600px;">&nbsp;
9<div style="border:2px solid #2D2D2D;width:600px;font-family:Cambria;font-size:17px;border-radius:10px 10px 20px 20px;"><br />
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32<b><span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">Sudama Pandey (Mukesh Rishi) is a notorious criminal who runs a global operation of capturing women on camera. He operates out of London and is assisted by his two partners in crime (Mukesh Tiwari and Murli Sharma). Be it a honeymoon bedroom, changing rooms, girls hostels, none of these places misses the third eye; the eye of a camera. First, they capture girls on film and blackmail them, then abuse them, both physically and mentally. One such girl who gets trapped by them is Sapna (Neha Dhupia), an air hostess. She is a lovely girl who has dreams of making it big in her career. She found the love of her life through her fianc&eacute;, Arjun Singh. Sudama installs hidden cameras in her changing room and blackmails her into doing blue films in exchange for the hidden camera footage he took of her. Sudama does nasty things with her, but gives her the film afterwards. She is murdered by Sudama&#39;s gang not long after. As luck w
33 ould have it, the murder is witnessed by Ammu (Amisha Patel) who tries to rescue Sapna, but her efforts are in vain. Ammu is traumatized by the events, but soon finds herself in danger as Sudama begins plotting to kill her. Meanwhile, Ammu&#39;s sister Aarti (Aarti Chabaria) and her partner Rahul (Aashish Chaudhary) are searching for Sapna after her disappearance. Arjun (Sunny Deol), who turns out to be an A.C.P. in Mumbai, is also seeking his fianc&eacute;&#39;s whereabouts, investigating Sudama as he was the last person seen with her. His investigation leads him to London, where the only clue that could give him any answers turns out to be the sole witness &ndash; Ammu. Unfortunately, Ammu herself has gone missing. He makes all possible attempts to find her but reaches a dead end. Without Ammu, he has nowhere else to turn. The race is on to find her and solve the case. But it won&#39;t be easy, because Arjun just doesn&#39;t have to fight criminals &ndash; he also has to fight tec
34 hnology.</span><br />
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