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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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19<div style="color:#ffffff; font-size: 3px; margin-left: 40px;">Maya finds out that she has cervical cancer and tells Aman, which prompts him to move back in with the family and leave Shreya. However, he is unable to forget her, which Maya notices. Maya tells their children that she has cancer and Aaliya retaliates by going to a party with an older boy. Maya then tells Shreya that she has cancer, and tells her she wants her to take care of the kids after she&#39;s gone, as they&rsquo;ll need a mother in their lives. Shreya refuses at first, not believing herself to be the &lsquo;mom type,&rsquo; but agrees to move in and leave her career. In the following days, the children develop an attachment towards Shreya but when Maya and Shreya have an argument, it is revealed that Shreya is an orphan. After the argument, Aman tells Maya that they should not be competing with each other for the children&#39;s love. Maya faints and is brought to the hospital, where the doctor tells her that she
20 has only a few days left. Shreya decides to take care of the children while Aman tends to Maya. When Shreya and the children go to visit Maya at the hospital, the two women have a private conversation. Shreya admits that the children need their real mother, not her. Maya bequeaths guardianship of the children to Shreya, and confesses a mistake she made that almost killed Anjali. She explains to Shreya that not every mother is perfect but that she needs to keep trying. Maya tells Aman she wants to return home for Diwali as the last chance to see her house before she dies. During the festival, the children hold a special event for her, replaying the memories they had together. When they take a family photograph, Maya asks Shreya to join, as she is now family. Ten years later, it is Aaliya&rsquo;s wedding and Shreya gifts her a bracelet which belonged to Maya. Shreya speaks to the family portrait and says to Maya&rsquo;s photo that she eventually became the mom type. During the marriag
21 e rounds, Shreya looks at the sky and recalls Maya saying she had their yesterday and Shreya has their tomorrow and she smiles.</div>
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