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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://maxsheds.us/pYW7Gk6X4ayMXMErh-k7XZG7n89J8fiRpiPekW5Ykt22zpYjaA"><img src="http://maxsheds.us/02e8f0bae7555ceeb9.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.maxsheds.us/Hr_9yPhvLUNNY_37gCinvVB3AehBH1XzXFiorog8oGw0r47ONg" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="width:600px; text-align:left; font-family:arial; padding:15px; font-size:17px; border:2px solid #5B9B42;">Here&rsquo;s a little gift to help you celebrate Labor Day this year&hellip;<br />
8<br />
9My friends at <i>Patriot Wholesale Club</i> are <a href="http://maxsheds.us/UnkMy1f83LJUePjWE43HtDhOO95XHPWPtNaPhcPdfqbtbnxokw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>giving you this space-age Emergency Sleeping Bag FREE today.</b></a><br />
10<br />
11This amazing tool stops the <b>#1 killer in any crisis:</b> death by exposure.<br />
12<br />
13And they want to give it to you FREE today for a simple reason:<br />
14<br />
15Sadly, as we celebrate Labor Day this year&hellip;<br />
16<br />
17<b>America has become <a href="http://maxsheds.us/UnkMy1f83LJUePjWE43HtDhOO95XHPWPtNaPhcPdfqbtbnxokw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"> <b>unrecognizable</b></a> from the great nation we grew up in.</b><br />
18<br />
19With liberals fighting to defund our police and turn our country into a socialist cesspool&hellip;<br />
20<br />
21And as violent &ldquo;activists&rdquo; breed destruction and death in our streets&hellip;<br />
22<br />
23The writing is on the wall.<br />
24<br />
25Our country is becoming more and more dangerous by the day -- <b>especially for conservatives.</b><br />
26<br />
27That&rsquo;s why they&rsquo;re <a href="http://maxsheds.us/UnkMy1f83LJUePjWE43HtDhOO95XHPWPtNaPhcPdfqbtbnxokw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"> <b>handing out a small number of these priceless survival tools FREE&hellip;</b></a><br />
28<br />
29To give Americans a <b>guaranteed way</b> to protect themselves in any crisis.<br />
30<br />
31Normally, <s>$30</s>&hellip;<br />
32<br />
33Today it&rsquo;s yours for nothing but the cost of stamps.<br />
34<br />
35Keep in mind, this is a limited Labor Day giveaway.<br />
36<br />
37And <b>inventory is limited.</b><br />
38<br />
39Right now, they&rsquo;re promising FREE Emergency Sleeping Bags to the next 34 people.<br />
40<br />
41After that, you might be out of luck.<br />
42<br />
43<a href="http://maxsheds.us/UnkMy1f83LJUePjWE43HtDhOO95XHPWPtNaPhcPdfqbtbnxokw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>So HURRY and grab your FREE Emergency Sleeping Bag now,</b></a> before they&rsquo;re gone.</div>
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64<a href="http://maxsheds.us/bY8R4MplqIqtLOxQY2JZmbkcLPzkAbKTqZG9LNKbnj6zPxEFvQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://maxsheds.us/8aef19861ebbe4ac16.jpg" /></a><br />
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68<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">Sanjana&#39;s friend Priya advises her to visit Professor Swaroop after she tells her about these strange incidents. Swaroop arrives and announces the presence of a spirit in the house. Before leaving, he gives Sanjana a lemon and advises her to check upon it after the sunset. If the color does not change, then it means that there is nothing to be worried about, however, if the color changes to red, then there is an evil spirit lurking around. A hysterical Sanjana, upon seeing the lemon turned red, rushes to Aditya who is in mid of a meeting and tells him about their home being haunted. However, Aditya is far from believing this and thrashes the Professor for playing with his wife&#39;s sentiments and fear. An urgent phone call from Mumbai forces the couple to go back, but because of the landslide, they get stuck on the highway. Later, they decide that Aditya will fly back to Mumbai alone and will come later to take Sanjana away. After he leave
69 s, Priya insists Sanjana to come with her but she stubbornly denies as she wants to know the truth. The night ends in a horror for her. The next night, Professor Swaroop revisits the same spot in the forest where Nisha was attacked, accompanied by Priya and Sanjana. On his advice, Sanjana goes alone to talk to the spirit and discovers a revolver. They go to an arms store and are told by the shopkeeper that the revolver was licensed to a retired colonel named Arjun Malik. They visit the colonel&#39;s house and learn that the spirit is his daughter, Malini, who was mentally ill and had escaped from the mental asylum several times before suddenly disappearing one day. The colonel tells them that from that day, his revolver had also disappeared. Sanjana summons the spirit, believing that it wants to tell her something. She learns that Aditya and Malini had an extramarital affair; upon confronting Aditya, he admits the affair and that he had stayed at this very cottage. Aditya had rebuke
70 d Malini&#39;s demands that he leave his wife and an enraged Malini committed suicide in front of Aditya in order to frame him for murder. Aditya, with the help of Robert, buried the body in the forest. Sanjana breaks up with Aditya. Swaroop tells her that this was an attempt by Malini&#39;s spirit to separate Sanjana and Aditya to take him with her into the afterlife. He believes that the spirit&#39;s next step would be to kill Aditya and that they should go to him before Malini attacks him. Sanjana goes to Aditya and tells him that she is doing this just to save him and that they should leave for Mumbai immediately. It is then revealed that Sanjana is Malini&#39;s spirit in disguise. The real Sanjana, Priya, and Swaroop arrive at the cottage, where the bewildered maid tells them that Aditya had just left with her. Malini&#39;s spirit causes their car to fall off a cliff and Aditya is hospitalized. To stop the spirit, Sanjana, Priya and Swaroop enter the forest to locate the girl&#
71 39;s body to burn it. Swaroop uses lemon tied to a thread to locate the body, believing that it will turn red when they reach the right spot. Once located, Swaroop returned to the car to get kerosene and matchstick, however, Malini&#39;s spirit kills him and takes his form, attacking the two girls. While being pursued, Sanjana finds the dead body of Robert hung on a tree. With a can of petrol, she burns down Malini&#39;s body. In the end, Sanjana and Aditya are reunited.</p>