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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://smartlsy.us/JX_o8gmz0948mX3__-1WHB6ksKo10D92OgMg3W7oc0nPZ_U8Ig"><img src="http://smartlsy.us/79297e4b1db95e3040.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.smartlsy.us/DJsAnm6-XkRxXXq6FegjwVapi0k1ZRtpt-K4vKp6I4VRPk2W0A" width="1" /></a>
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29<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">18 years ago, the Dhar family, consisting of Pushkaran (Yatin Karyekar) and his son, Kunal (Kunal Khemu), were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorists. Pushkaran and Kunal re-locate to Bombay, where they live in a small room. This is where Kunal grows up, and gets a job at a gym. Then one day, the police knock on his door, informing him that his father had lost his hold from a crowded local train, fallen, and instantly killed. A devastated Kunal arranges his father&#39;s funeral, and before he could reconcile to living alone, his relatives contact him from Jammu, informing him that his father had promised to look after a young woman named Renuka (Smiley Suri). Kunal agrees to fulfill his father&#39;s promise. When Renuka arrives, she finds out about the untimely death, and wants to return, but ticket reservation forces her to stay with Kunal for a week. It is this week that changes their lives, for they fall in love and get married. They stay t
30 he first night at a hotel, where they encounter Johnny (Ashutosh Rana), whom tells the manager to book them into the honeymoon suite. It is there where they consummate their marriage. However, a few nights later, police storm into their house and arrest the two for interrogation. It is revealed that their intimate night at the hotel was secretly recorded and uploaded onto a porn website, with the video receiving many views. Kunal realizes that Johnny was responsible for having them exploited. Meanwhile, Renuka is forced by the police to sign the papers and testify against him, making her believe Kunal was responsible for this. As she is led out, she encounters Kunal, who tells her the truth and begs for her not to sign those papers. All these feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and confusion proves too much for Renuka as she then jumps off the ledge and commits suicide in front of Kunal. Kunal is then sent to prison as he refuses to admit the false charge. Kunal is later able to prove
31  himself innocent and decides to track down Johnny and his team to get revenge. It is revealed that Johnny is working for a businesswoman Simi Roy, who secretly is the porn-website creator living in Zurich, Switzerland. Kunal leaves for Zurich in order to take revenge against Johnny and Simi Roy. In Zurich, Kunal comes across Ali (Emraan Hashmi), a modern-day punk, who runs an adults only shop. In his shop, Kunal sees a magazine featuring a pornstar he had seen on the same website where his and Renuka&#39;s video was featured. He uses Ali&#39;s help to track down the girl. Kunal and Ali track the girl down in a bar where she is a singer, suddenly Kunal finds a young girl being held hostage and beats up the bodyguards, but he gets hit by Simi Roy&#39;s car. The next day, Kunal overhears Simi fighting with her abusive daughter Tanya about being drunk and doing sexual activities with her girlfriend Jessica. Kunal then asks Simi about the blue film porn website, but Simi lies to him and
32  explains that she has nothing to do with it. The girl is revealed to be Anny (Deepal Shaw) and reveals to Kunal that after her hometown got destroyed in the Gujarat earthquake killing her parents, her uncle sells her to Johnny and his friend Vick for money against her will. She tries to escape but is quickly captured and forced to enter the porn industry to be exploited. Kunal and Ali lure Johnny and his goons into a trap and start a furious fight. Ali is fatally stabbed by Johnny, but is able to seize the same blade and kill Johnny and his men. Before dying, Ali reveals that Simi Roy is the main mastermind behind the pornography website and also runs the red light district in Zurich. Kunal asks Tanya for help, and in return, he would help her ruin Simi&#39;s life. Simi, who is watching the TV seeing her own daughter on her porn website, feels devastated and is confronted by Kunal and Tanya, where Tanya kills Simi. Kunal is free of charges and starts a new life with Anny.</div>
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