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20<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">Shivam discovers one night that Reema has a secret boyfriend named Bilal, who convinces her to run away with him back to Pakistan. Shivam informs Malik, who orders Reema&#39;s elimination. However, when he confronts the couple to eliminate them, she dares him to shoot her, claiming that freedom is her right, requesting mercy &quot;for God&#39;s sake&quot;. Shivam is reminded of Aliyah&#39;s religious mannerisms, which bear a strong resemblance to Reema&#39;s, and is unable to shoot her, leaving her alive. Malik tries to reach Shivam, who severs contact with the former, leading to Malik finding out about his disobedience. Shivam plans to quickly run away from Hong Kong back to India with Kabir, who is extremely unwilling to do so. Eventually, he betrays Shivam to Malik, whose regard for Kabir goes up. Malik has Shivam captured and orders, Ronnie, to torture Shivam until he agrees to kill Reema when Shivam refuses to do so even after Malik offe
21 rs him a second chance. Malik is now genuinely hurt and sorrowful at what he perceives as Shivam&#39;s betrayal, and he hands over Shivam&#39;s responsibilities in the business to Kabir. Malik makes up the old feud with Rajan and Munna and merges their gangs and businesses, with Malik demanding that Shivam be brought before him alive so that Malik can kill him personally. This occurs in Kabir&#39;s presence, who is bitterly penitent to the point of not wishing to live any more over his betrayal of Shivam. Shivam manages to escape Ronnie and seeks refuge in the monastery of a monk whom he had once set free from certain death. He recovers from his injuries, and reminded of Aliyah and her belief in freedom, decides to not continue running all his life to save his own skin, but to &quot;fulfill someone else&#39;s dreams&quot; - namely, unite Bilal and Reema and send them to Pakistan. He manages to save Bilal from Malik&#39;s henchmen, led by Kabir, whom Shivam still trusts and regards a
22 s his best friend, who tearfully reiterates that he is ready to die for Shivam, as he always was. Kabir takes Bilal to the monastery, where arrangements are made to ship Bilal and Reema to Lahore. Shivam tracks Reema, kills Rajan, and refuses to divulge where she is. He tricks Munna into revealing Malik&#39;s plans regarding Reema, which are to sell her to the person who &quot;enjoys&quot; her the most. Munna tells Shivam everything about it, including the location, believing him to be crippled by his wounds and is immediately killed by Shivam upon realizing that is not the case. Shivam finds Reema and Malik, who is madly enraged at Shivam&#39;s standing against him, when he had cared for Shivam so much, deriding Shivam&#39;s new belief in God and freedom. Shivam kills Malik and escapes with Reema to the shipping docks, where Bilal is waiting. Kabir shows up to fight Malik&#39;s men and buy Shivam time, and he is brutally murdered in the process. Bilal manages to force a reluctant R
23 eema to escape to the ship, who is hesitant to leave Shivam behind. Ronnie and his men arrive, and Shivam manages to kill them all in a gunfight, but he is mortally wounded himself. As Shivam lies dying, he comes to terms with his past, forgiving himself and envisioning Aliyah smiling down upon him. The movie ends with Reema in a conference in Pakistan, where she tells her story of the &quot;awara&quot; who sacrificed his life to save her, and incites those present to stand up for victims of trafficking.</div>
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