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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://brainerx.us/7WJ2QVgnBQJCpzHRg694cYtPWwGCYJwJPzFePzA22RC1dVnu"><img src="http://brainerx.us/455f986e9e89a3ad1b.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.brainerx.us/8-e4mJmKUm43PMEcbMGukqpzHvmsxEI-1LLMS5SBxK5N3MH7" width="1" /></a><br />
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8<div style="width:600px;text-align:left;padding:15px;font-size:17px;font-family:arial;margin-left:50px;">Silencers will soon become unavailable.<br />
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10<i>It&rsquo;s not a question of &ldquo;if&quot;, it&rsquo;s when.</i><br />
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12<b>How can we say that with such certainty?</b><br />
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14Easy.<br />
15<br />
16Not only are silencers already incredibly difficult to get&hellip;<br />
17<br />
18A new law called <b>HR-5717</b> takes up where Virginia&rsquo;s misguided law left off and would make it so silencers will be prohibited for you to own.<br />
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20That&rsquo;s why we want to give you something today that&rsquo;ll let you make a silencer from the comfort of your home.<br />
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22<a href="http://brainerx.us/0OrqNMYuTr0_NBKbl2_QbPoC22vGQUy_MnJE1V0fSphtq05t" target="blank"><b>Using this Free DVD you can see how to build your very own Silencer</b></a> in your garage - using tools you probably own already.<br />
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24These silencers work just like ones you&rsquo;d pay $1,200-$2,000 to own.<br />
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26<b>But they cost a fraction of those prices.</b><br />
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28And best of all is you can make one legally (for now) <a href="http://brainerx.us/0OrqNMYuTr0_NBKbl2_QbPoC22vGQUy_MnJE1V0fSphtq05t" target="blank"><b>using these instructions.</b></a><br />
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30Don&rsquo;t let HR-5717 rob you of a chance to own something that simply makes shooting more enjoyable!<br />
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32<a href="http://brainerx.us/0OrqNMYuTr0_NBKbl2_QbPoC22vGQUy_MnJE1V0fSphtq05t" target="blank"><b>See how to make your own Silencer for Free right here.</b></a><br />
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57<a href="http://brainerx.us/krDPwHj-LPG8ZrayR1LLglAB2e8ceN93a6f4IA32tps8tmZV" rel="sponsored" style="margin-left:50px;" target="blank"><img src="http://brainerx.us/c4a9fda84bc1818e7c.jpg" /></a><br />
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66<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">In 1973, Maharani Gitanjali was a princess to a royal family in Rajasthan. As every royal family has loads of gold to themselves, so does this royal family. Still, her ancestors did not hand it over to the government of the country even after the ancestral reign was over. In 1975, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, declared the state of emergency in the country. Around the same time, Sanjeev, an influential person in the Congress government, had been snubbed badly by Gitanjali in 1973. To seek revenge, Sanjeev asks army officer Colonel Rudra Pratap Singh to confiscate all the gold in Gitanjali&#39;s possession and to put her behind bars. Rudra follows Sanjeev&#39;s instructions and imprisons Gitanjali after forcibly taking possession of the gold rightfully belonging to the government but still held by her. Rudra asks his trusted lieutenants, Major Seher Singh and Captain Somesh, to transfer all the gold to Delhi safely to the g
67 overnment and for that, he gives Seher Singh a custom-made truck with a powerful safe in it in which he keeps all the confiscated gold. As Rudra and Seher Singh are discussing, Sanjana, Gitanjali&#39;s trusted aide, is sent by her to eavesdrop on their conversation and get a whiff of their plan. Gitanjali then plans an entire scheme and wants Sanjana to accompany Bhawani Singh in getting all the gold back and eventually release her from the jail. Gitanjali briefs Bhawani Singh, her trusted lieutenant, about the gold and how she needs it all back to look after the people in her village. The loyal Bhawani Singh promises to retrieve the gold and return the same to Gitanjali, with whom he shares a romantic relationship. Bhawani Singh, with the support of Daliya and Guruji, besides Sanjana, of course, chalk out an entire plan and seek out on a mission. The four follow the truck in which Seher Singh and his deputy, Somesh, are carrying the gold to the Delhi. The group of four, at one poin
68 t in the journey, takes control of the truck after throwing out Seher Singh and Somesh. The job now is to open the strong safe, something at which Guruji is adept. Meanwhile, Seher Singh, boss Rudra Pratap Singh and other army and police officers are hot on the trail of Bhawani Singh and the truck. At one point, the army officers seek the help of police officer Durjan, but Bhawani Singh and his team members outwit him too. But before Bhawani Singh can return the gold to Gitanjali Devi, a very shocking revelation is unveiled in front of him, that Gitanjali used him for her personal happiness and motives, and that Seher was her aide. Bhawani reveals that he already knew the dark truth about Gitanjali, and his team decided to distribute gold among poor people. After the war between Seher and Bhawani&#39;s team ends, Gitanjali realised that she is alone in the desert with a low chance of survival while Bhawani and his team have escaped.</span><br />
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