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1<!DOCTYPE html>
4        <title>Newsletter</title>
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7<body><a href="http://promindcompllx.us/6qh34LG9ilwGt-Qjuo3Rsq_s0wO8mruPD8PT7Y3HBXunhpKaSA" target="blank"><img src="http://promindcompllx.us/74372533a7b77f8969.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.promindcompllx.us/FNsloE86Y7qYI7S-LrF7YwA6-8N-TbRBvkqySi6xbmMsOKqtwQ" width="1" /></a>
9<div style="width:600px; padding: 15px; font-family: arial; border: 2px solid #E60000; font-size: 17px;text-align:left;"><b>I Freed Myself from Bad Breath Easily &amp; Naturally!!!</b><br />
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11I know what it&#39;s like to suffer the <b>humiliation and embarrassment</b> of people turning their heads away in disgust when you speak to them.<br />
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13I know how it can destroy your confidence, make you anxious about any social situation, and generally ruin your life...<br />
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15I know what it&#39;s like to wake up in the morning with your breath being the first thing on your mind (especially if you have somebody lying next to you!)...<br />
16<br />
17to be constantly thinking about ways to cover it up at work, and to experience the panic that sets in when you realize you&#39;ve forgotten your mints or mouth spray...<br />
18<br />
19So trust me, I understand your frustration at being unable to find a solution - <b>until now</b>.<br />
20<br />
21I had no idea how to solve my bad breath problem either, until I stumbled on an incredibly effective and <a href="http://promindcompllx.us/A_Ri8_qbhzxMgj8I0OFfZDGKjj42Z76jd5pEFrJ96qsM7oSBLA" rel="sponsored" style="color:#C00000;font-weight:bold;" target="blank">all-natural solution.</a><br />
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23<b style="color:#C00000;">I FINALLY found the Solution to my Bad Breath Nightmare</b><br />
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27I discovered an <a href="http://promindcompllx.us/A_Ri8_qbhzxMgj8I0OFfZDGKjj42Z76jd5pEFrJ96qsM7oSBLA" rel="sponsored" style="color:#C00000;font-weight:bold;" target="blank"> incredibly effective</a> remedy for my bad breath, and it was 100% safe and natural!<br />
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29Within just minutes, my breath was noticeably fresher and cleaner - and more importantly, <b>my &quot;Dragon Breath&quot;</b> hasn&#39;t returned since.<br />
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31As soon as I was confident enough that this remedy worked all the time, I started sharing it with other bad breath sufferers.<br />
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33And every single one of them has experienced <a href="http://promindcompllx.us/A_Ri8_qbhzxMgj8I0OFfZDGKjj42Z76jd5pEFrJ96qsM7oSBLA" rel="sponsored" style="color:#000000;font-weight:bold;" target="blank">incredible results.</a><br />
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58<br />
60<p style="font-size: 3px;color:#ffffff;">he story follows Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi), a street-smart, small time arms dealer in Delhi who has the gift of gab. When he is interrogated by a tough cop, ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda), he turns informer for the latter. Although helping Pratap puts Sonu in jail for a little time, he continues to purvey the ACP with information about illegal arms racket as he has no other choice. But when Sonu falls in love with Dr Jhanvi (Esha Gupta) and manages to woo her, he wants to leave the life of crime and settle down. However, Pratap, who is hell bent upon finding who the leader of the arms racket is, persuades Sonu to continue being his informer by promising him protection and a good life afterward. Sonu&#39;s world is shaken to the core when he realises, after his marriage to Jhanvi, that Jhanvi&#39;s estranged father, Mangal Singh Tomar (Manish Choudhary), is actually the leader of the guns/arms business in Delhi. Soon enough, Sonu becom
61 es a police informant for ACP Pratap, who has been looking for Mangal. Becoming a police informant, Sonu manages to convince Mangal that he is a corrupt and shrewd person who will be of use to his gang. Mangal embraces Sonu as his next in command. Sonu, caught between the devil and the deep sea, starts playing a double game. He neither gives information to the ACP nor tells Mangal the truth about him being a police informer. Secretly he plans to run away with Jhanvi so that he can live a peaceful life with her. However, things get risky once a mysterious informer in the police force tells Mangal about Sonu&#39;s truth. During a shootout, Mangal finds out the truth about Sonu and takes his whole gang after him. Sonu, on the run, rings ACP Pratap for help. Pratap then brings his whole police force to the scene. There, Sonu is surrounded by Mangal&#39;s gang, which is then gunned down by the police chief commissioner. With only Sonu, Mangal and the chief left, it turns out that the chi
62 ef is actually Mangal&#39;s informer, and they both follow Sonu to a deserted area. There, Sonu meets Pratap and tells him he is done and leaves to go to his wife. However, he is shot by the chief. Pratap, seeing Sonu get killed, shoots the chief commissioner and Mangal multiple times, leading to their deaths. In the hospital, during Sonu&#39;s last words, he tells Pratap that his wife Jhanvi should not know about his death, and Pratap should tell her that he was a criminal who committed smuggling and ran away. After his death, Pratap goes to his house and informs Jhanvi that Sonu ran away from the city. Jhanvi, heartbroken, thinks straight and forgets Sonu, and moves away to carry on life as norm</p>