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10<div style="width:600px;border:5px dashed #a7c0dc;text-align:left;padding:15px;font-size:17px;font-family:arial;background-color:#d5e9f3;">Fellow patriot,<br />
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12<b>Did you know you can make your own penicilin, at home... using cantaloupe rinds?</b><br />
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14In a survival situation where pharmacies are closed (or looted), survival home remedies could be your only hope.<br />
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16For instance, you can make your own anesthetic at home.<br />
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20A powerful painkiller that can prove essential in a health emergency.<br />
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22Plus 101 other home remedies for survival situations - in Dr. John Herzog&#39;s book that&#39;s been an instant hit with preppers and patriots.<br />
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52<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:3px;">rasatchi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Arasatchi Directed by N. Maharajan Written by N. Maharajan Produced by Murali Manohar Haresh Vikram Vijayakumar Starring Arjun Lara Dutta Cinematography S. Saravanan Edited by B. S. Vasu Saleem Music by Harris Jayaraj Production company Cee (I)TV Entertainment(p)ltd Distributed by Mars Entertainment Group Motion Pictures Partners Release date 17 September 2004 Running time 154 minutes Country India Language Tamil Arasatchi (English: Government Rule / Government Authority) is a 2004 Tamil vigilante thriller film directed by N. Maharajan which starred Arjun and Lara Dutta in the lead roles, alongside an ensemble cast. This is the Tamil debut of Bollywood actress Lara Dutta. The film&#39;s music was composed by Harris Jayaraj. The film was released in 17 September 2004 to mixed reviews. It was dubbed into Telugu as Judgement and in Hindi as Ghatak The Destroyer. Co
53 ntents 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Release 5 Soundtrack 6 References Plot Brammanadham (Anandaraj), a lawyer who argues for rapists and murderers, is killed by a cricket ball hit by Siddharth (Arjun). Siddharth is a GM of a five-star hotel owned by S. Ve. Shekher. Shekher&#39;s daughter is Lara (Lara Dutta), who is introduced with a song. She comes from abroad to join her father&#39;s hotel, but only as a trainee under the macho Siddharth. Within no time, Lara is in love with Siddharth. It is now time for duets. Lara&#39;s friend Prakash (Karan) is a campaigner of public cause. His efforts lead to a brothel raid and a minister getting arrested. The minister&#39;s goons bump off Prakash, and Siddharth is an eyewitness. Siddharth refuses to testify, and Lara walks out on him. Janakiraman (Charan Raj) pleads for the killer and lets him off. Siddharth bumps off Janakiraman. Major Vishwanath (Nassar), a military officer, is a witness to the murder. He even postpones his heart operation
54 until the killer is nabbed. Siddharth now tells his story of why he is on a hunt of the lawyers who plead for the bad guys. Vishwanath gives up his mission. Next, Karunakaran (Devan) takes a brief for a rapist, and he too is killed. Next is the turn of advocate Ashok Mehta (Raghuvaran), who comes from Delhi. The surprise element is that Ashok is Siddharth&#39;s brother-in-law; Ashok&#39;s wife is Siddharth&#39;s long-lost sister. Now, the brother-sister sentiment comes into play. Finally, the story ends with Ashok being shot dead by Siddharth in the court premises. The police opens fire, and bystanders form a human wall and get shot at. Siddharth tells the TV crew about how his mission has spread to the masse</span><br />
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