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17<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">piri (transl.&thinsp;Breath) is a 2016 Indian comedy-drama film directed by Vamshi Paidipally. A remake of Olivier Nakache &amp; &Eacute;ric Toledano&#39;s French film The Intouchables (2011), it was produced by Prasad V. Potluri and Kavin Anne of PVP Cinema in Telugu and Tamil, the latter as Thozha (transl.&thinsp;Companion). The film stars Nagarjuna, Karthi, and Tamannaah; Prakash Raj, Ali, Vivek, and Jayasudha play supporting roles. Karthi debuts in Telugu cinema through this film. It focuses on the lives of Vikramadhitya (Nagarjuna), a quadriplegic billionaire, and Seenu (Karthi), his ex-convict caretaker. Their realisation of the primacy of life and relationships over money and disability forms the major part of its story. The remake rights for The Intouchables were earlier acquired by Karan Johar and Guneet Monga in May 2014, who authorised PVP Cinema to produce the adaptation of this film in regional languages, postponing their previou
18 s plans; thus making Oopiri its first remake. Principal photography began in March 2015, ending the following February 2016. Most of the film was shot in and around Chennai, Hyderabad, and in Europe in Paris, Belgrade and Novi Sad. Gopi Sunder composed the film&#39;s soundtrack and score, and P. S. Vinod handled the cinematography. Madhu and Praveen K. L. edited the Telugu and Tamil versions, respectively. Produced on a budget of ?500&ndash;600 million, Oopiri and Thozha were released globally on 25 March 2016. Both received critical acclaim for the performances of the principal cast, the cinematography, and Paidipally&#39;s work in adapting the original. They were commercially successful, grossing over ?1.02 billion worldwide. At The film received two wins at the 64th Filmfare Awards South, with Best Director (Telugu) for Vamshi Paidipally and Best Cinematography for P. S. Vinod. Vamshi also reeived a win for Best Director Award at the and 6th South Indian International Movie Award
19 s. The film is considered one of the &quot;25 Greatest Telugu Films Of The Decade&quot; by Film Compani</div>
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