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10It&rsquo;s like being able to spray WD-40 right into your joints&hellip; <strong><em>except it&rsquo;s totally natural. </em></strong><br />
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14The reason it&rsquo;s so effective is because it doesn&rsquo;t &ldquo;mask&rdquo; pain -- but actually helps <strong>rebuild worn away joint cartilage.</strong><br />
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16So if it feels like your joints are rubbing &ldquo;bone-on-bone&rdquo;...<br />
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18This is the only method I&rsquo;ve found to help fix it <strong><em>without surgery.</em></strong><br />
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22<strong><em>Best of all&hellip;</em></strong><br />
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24It doesn&rsquo;t take weeks to start working.<br />
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26After trying it for 2 days, the doctor behind this formula said he was already finding it easier to walk long distances.<br />
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39<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;width:600px;">hdeva and Ritika Khanna are young, modern Indian professionals. They briefly meet at a wedding, and individually make their dislike for arranged marriages known, since they do not understand the concept of marrying a stranger. Unbeknownst to them, their parents meet at the same wedding and compare their horoscopes, which begins the process of arranging a match. Even though they each have strong objections, the couple eventually give in to their parents&#39; wishes and get married. The newlyweds then embark on a honeymoon trip to Ooty. The trip is part of a romantic getaway package where they will be sharing a lodge with other couples. The first people they meet are Mr and Mrs Chaturvedi, an elderly couple celebrating their anniversary. They constantly bicker and argue, but actually love each other deeply. Abhay and Ritika then meet Shoaib and Anaiya, another newlywed couple. Anaiya is Shoaib&#39;s sister&#39;s best friend and has
40  always had feelings for him, but Shoaib is unable to think of Anaiya as anything but a childhood friend. Strolling in the forest, the pair meet Rishab and Anu, a couple who are head over heels in love with each other and have come to Ooty on their yearly holiday. They have the perfect romance and the other couples envy them and their amazing relationship. Later, Ritika tries to prolong dinner to avoid spending time alone with Abhay. That night she can&#39;t bring herself to consummate the marriage, and after Abhay falls asleep she decides to sleep on the sofa. The next day, the group prepares to go on an outing organised by the lodge management. There they meet A.K. and Sarah, who have arrived late due to delayed trains. A.K. is an explorer who has been out of the country for a long time, and Sarah is his long-term, half-Indian girlfriend. A.K. has proposed many times but Sarah does not see the need for marria</span><br />
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