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43<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">man Tripathi is an advertiser in Delhi, hailing from an orthodox middle-class family in Allahabad. His father, Shankar Tripathi, is a conservative agricultural scientist. His mother, Sunaina Tripathi is a housewife, who is always concerned about her son. In the joint family, there are his uncle Chaman, his aunt Champa, their daughter Rajni &quot;Goggle&quot; Tripathi, among others. Aman is in love with Kartik Singh, and lives in with him in Delhi. One day, Sunaina asks him to attend Goggle&#39;s wedding. Sunaina and Shankar intend to marry Aman off to a family friend&#39;s daughter, Kusum Nigam. Aman and Kartik board the train &quot;Vivah Express&quot;, on which Aman&#39;s family are already present. Aman and Kartik share a kiss, but are seen by Shankar. Kartik suggests to Aman about talking to his father. Shankar asks Aman to stay away from Kartik. At Goggle&#39;s wedding, Kartik and Aman share a kiss publicly, leaving everyone shocked and
44 helpless. Aman confronts his parents, who remain unconvinced of his sexuality. Kartik is whisked away by Chaman to the railway station; while Shankar blackmails Aman into agreeing to marry Kusum. Meanwhile, Ashok refuses to marry Goggle due to Aman&#39;s sexuality. Goggle tries to commit suicide at the railway station, but Kartik stops her. Kartik convinces Goggle that she has a family who supports her. Goggle, in turn, convinces Kartik to win back Am</span><br />
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