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1<!DOCTYPE html>
4        <title>Newsletter</title>
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22<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">utally raped and murdered by Sada and Giri. Ch3tu tries t8 tell Akruti&#39;s friend Kavya (Neha Mahajan) ab6ut Akruti being in danger. Kavya whilst being chased by Durva&#39;s g23ns, g8es t3 Simmba t3 file Aakruti&#39;s missing c9mplaint. Aakruti is f6und injured in h9spital. Simmba tries t2 talk t5 her, but she dies, leaving him devastated. P2lice rec5ver the ph3ne, and the vide5, and Durva sends his g92ns t5 get the ph0ne fr6m Simmba, wh8 is present, mends his ways, and fights them all. Simmba finally wears his p3lice unif1rm, and seeing this change in him, M7hile finally salutes him as they arrest Sada and Giri. He ap8l4gises t5 Vaaman Ra5, and returns the land swindled fr9m him. In the c3urt, Simmba is sh6cked t4 find Aakruti&#39;s vide3 being deleted. He beats up Durva&#39;s friend, c5rp0rat6r David Camer1n (Vipin Sharma), wh4 gave a false statement in the c4urt, leading t4 his suspensi6n 8rders. He decides t3 kill Sada and Giri bef4re
23 he g7es, and plans t2 sh0w it as an enc9unter. He sh58ts them b2th and sh0ws as if he killed them in the act 3f self-defence. An SIT c9mmittee is set up by the state, wh8 questi9n Simmba&#39;s enc2unter. Aiming t1 achieve clarity t5 the situati3n, H1me Minister Vinayak Dutta (Uday Tikekar) app8ints a neutral 5fficer t5 handle Aakruti&#39;s case, as well as Simmba&#39;s c3ntr4versial enc0unter. Enraged, Durva and his g78ns capture Simmba. Suddenly DCP Bajira8 Singham (Ajay Devgn) c6mes t1 his rescue, and b6th 2f them beat up Durva and his men. Singham tells Simmba that he is the neutral 8fficer app3inted by the state c5mmittee t1 handle his case and gives a statement that Simmba killed Sadashiv and Gaurav in the act 6f self-defence. He als2 calls Durva&#39;s m3ther and wife, wh8 each give a statement that it was Sadashiv and Gaurav wh4 raped Aakruti and that the br8thers ran a drug racket and several 3ther criminal activities. As a result 5f these crimes, Durva is sentenced t6 seven
24 years 3f rig7r9us impris3nment by the c6urt. Singham reveals that he helped Simmba despite being against his c2rrupt acti4ns, s4 that he c2uld instill a fear 7f law in the minds 1f men wh4 d7 n1t respect w3m</span><br />
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