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2<head><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body data-gr-ext-installed="" data-new-gr-c-s-check-loaded="14.1029.0"><a href="http://biotoxion.co/HKI_OZR4qgijxc2q-HFXG9gntpOBb8ZP0z6LZfVXtdLo2vAMLQ"><img src="http://biotoxion.co/91ad2c2337baa42afc.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.biotoxion.co/qfYw_6YlSgTEpB8ujUykq9a0cFfsl_btFMNbsgc120u0lHEGHQ" width="1" /></a>
6<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:100%">
7        <tbody>
8                <tr>
9                        <td>
10                        <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" style="width:600px">
11                                <tbody>
12                                        <tr>
13                                                <td style="text-align:center"><a href="http://biotoxion.co/kyU0LTiqvZafH9r11JSgS4PvK9syP7-Xpjh2TKeISuP2JoSlag"><img src="http://biotoxion.co/50cb12aa5c18529d64.jpg" style="height:41px; width:84px" /></a></td>
14                                                <td style="text-align:right"><a href="http://biotoxion.co/kyU0LTiqvZafH9r11JSgS4PvK9syP7-Xpjh2TKeISuP2JoSlag"><span style="color:#FF0000"><span style="font-family:helvetica neue,helvetica,arial,sans-serif; font-size:16px"><strong>&nbsp;Health:</strong> News | TV | Videos | Opinions | More</span></span></a></td>
15                                        </tr>
16                                </tbody>
17                        </table>
18                        </td>
19                </tr>
20                <tr>
21                        <td>
22                        <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" style="width:600px">
23                                <tbody>
24                                        <tr>
25                                                <td><span style="background-color:#D11F25; color:#FFFFFF; font-family:helvetica neue,helvetica,arial,sans-serif; font-size:16px"><strong>BREAKING NEWS:</strong></span><br />
26                                                <strong>CNN ALERT: This is probably already inside you</strong></td>
27                                        </tr>
28                                        <tr>
29                                                <td style="background-color:rgb(0, 0, 0); text-align:center"><a href="http://biotoxion.co/kyU0LTiqvZafH9r11JSgS4PvK9syP7-Xpjh2TKeISuP2JoSlag"><img alt="WORST nutrient for your health" src="http://biotoxion.co/74feb61fd0c52f00fa.jpg" style="height:281px; width:500px" title="WORST nutrient for your health" /></a></td>
30                                        </tr>
31                                        <tr>
32                                                <td>
33                                                <p><strong>It destroys your immune system, wreaks havoc on your entire body, decreases your body&#39;s ability to process carbs, and contributes to much of the weight gain and obesity problems world-wide.</strong><br />
34                                                <br />
35                                                And worst of all, it&#39;s something you probably eat EVERY single day... Limit your intake of this immediately:</p>
36                                                </td>
37                                        </tr>
38                                        <tr>
39                                                <td style="text-align:center">&nbsp;<a href="http://biotoxion.co/kyU0LTiqvZafH9r11JSgS4PvK9syP7-Xpjh2TKeISuP2JoSlag" style="background-color:#D11F25; padding:10px; text-decoration:none; font-size:28px; color:#fffFFF; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 30px;">The #1 WORST food for your health (AVOID this)</a></td>
40                                        </tr>
41                                        <tr>
42                                                <td>&nbsp;</td>
43                                        </tr>
44                                </tbody>
45                        </table>
46                        </td>
47                </tr>
48                <tr>
49                        <td>
50                        <table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" style="width:600px">
51                                <tbody>
52                                        <tr>
53                                                <td>
54                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
56                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
58                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
60                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
62                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
64                                                <center><a href="http://biotoxion.co/N1ZAz4foAnpitCNVKjjCI-IymSxlKuDoNSos_bcSWEdeLCbs-w" http:="" microsoft.com="" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://biotoxion.co/d51c16bd437ffdd6f9.jpg" /></a></center>
66                                                <p>&nbsp;</p>
67                                                </td>
68                                        </tr>
69                                </tbody>
70                        </table>
71                        </td>
72                </tr>
73                <tr>
74                        <td style="color:#ffffff; white-space:normal; width:default">
75                        <p style="margin-left:3px; margin-right:2.53684px !important">mar lives as Sunaina while Roli takes care of Anjali. Prem has remarried to another woman named Surabhi. Roli meets Simar at a summer camp and pleads her to come back. Simar returns and has to cope up with a supernatural creature: Sunaina&#39;s spirit who has returned for revenge, Baa and Kartik (Vikrant&#39;s mother and brother) who were the people behind Sunaina&#39;s death and also with Vikrant. Prem, Roli and Siddhant also join with Simar. Eventually, Sunaina and Surabhi, are banished. Vikrant tries to murder Prem and is sent to jail. Sanjana gets adopted by Simar and Prem. Later, the story revolves around Simar, Roli, Prem and Siddhant and how they protect Bharadwaj house from some supernatural creatures who want to destroy them. These supernatural creatures include Sunaina&#39;s soul, a shapeshifting female serpent named Maya, daayans named Mohini and Indravati, Patali Devi-Gayatri, ghosts named Maalti, Madhavi an
76 d Chhoti Dulhan (Young Bride), Shaitan (Kaal), a Moon Jewel (Princess) named Chandramani and another two daayans named Mahamaya and Kamya. During defeating Patali Devi-Gayatri and Kaal, Simar&#39;s life gets in danger. To protect her elder sister, Roli sacrifices her life and dies. After Roli&#39;s sad demise, depressed Siddhant is remarried to Simar and Roli&#39;s childhood friend, Prerna and moves abroad with her. To gain his powers back and return to the world, Kaal, with the help of some witches, among which are Mahamaya and Kamya, casts a spell on Simar and impregnates her with a child possessing evil powers. Simar awares of this mysterious plan and soon witnesses Kamya&#39;s real vintage. The Family too comes to know about the same. In addition, Kamya is interested in marrying Prem which Mahamaya refuses. A conflict arises between the two tending to the escape of Simar and Prem from their cover. Aftermath, Simar delivers a baby boy, Piyush. Being in doubt of the baby&#39;s spo
77 okiness, the Family and Prem ask to donate away the child. Being a responsible mother, Simar regrets, denies her only option and leaves her in-laws, reasonably with her newb</p>
78                        </td>
79                </tr>
80        </tbody>