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36<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">ther German Reed entertainments included Our Quiet Chateau (1868) by Reece with music by Virginia Gabriel; Inquire Within (1868, Parry&#39;s last entertainment); Beggar My Neighbour (1870) and Number 204, by Burnand; Near Relations (1871) by Arthur Sketchley; King Christmas (1871, the first appearance by the German Reeds&#39; son, Alfred); Charity Begins at Home (1872), with music by Alfred Cellier and words by B. C. Stephenson; My Aunt&#39;s Secret (1872); Very Catching (1872); Milord&#39;s Well (1873); Dora&#39;s Dream, with music by Alfred Cellier and words by Arthur Cecil (1873); Once in a Century by Gilbert &agrave; Beckett; In Possession; Babel and Bijouand; Back from India by Henry Pottinger Stephens; Our New Doll&rsquo;s House by W. Wye. After the retirement of Thomas, in 1871 his son Alfred German Reed (1846-1895), also an actor, carried on the business in partnership with his mother and then with Grain. In 1874 they moved the entertai
37 nments to the St. George&#39;s Hall, Regent Street, and the German Reeds also took the entertainments on provincial tours. In 1874, Leonora Braham (who created several of the soprano heroine roles in the Savoy Operas in the 1880s) joined the German Reeds. Fanny Holland&#39;s husband Arthur Law also joined the company and wrote, as well as acted in, many of the entertainments. Some of Law&#39;s pieces for the Gallery included Enchantment, A Night Surprise, A Happy Bungalow (1877), Cherry Tree Farm (1881) and Nobody&rsquo;s Fault (1882), both with music by Hamilton Clarke, All at Sea (1881) and The Head of the Poll (1882), composed by Eaton Faning, which received good revie</p>