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32<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:2px;">rchaeological finds such as cut marks on bones found in the northwest and stone tools in the northeast indicate that Madagascar was visited by foragers around 2000 BCE. Early Holocene humans might have existed on the island 10,500 years ago, based<img src="http://survay.us/ddbc5eefeedb7a5bd8.jpg" /> on grooves found on elephant bird bones left by humans. However, a counterstudy concluded that human-made marks date to 1,200 years ago at the earliest, in which the previously mentioned bone damage may have been made by scavengers, ground movements or cuts from the excavation process. Traditionally, archaeologists have estimated that the ea<img src="http://survay.us/ddbc5eefeedb7a5bd8.jpg" />rliest settlers arrived in successive waves in outrigger canoes from Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia, possibly throughout the period between 350 BCE and 550 CE, while others are cautious about dates earlier than 250 CE. In either case, these dates make Madagas
33 car one of the latest major landmass on Earth to be settled by humans, predating the settlement of Iceland and New Zealand. It is proposed that Ma&#39;anyan people were brought as laborers and slaves by Malay and Javanese people in their trading fleets to Madagas</div>
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