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51<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">aju (Govinda) is a taxi driver who comes to the assistance of a white woman Stephanie (Shannon Esra), who is frantically trying to hunt down her lover Rohit. While Raju drives her around all of Northern India searching for Rohit, he falls in love with her and drops her off to the venue where Rohit is getting ready to marry Gia. However, it turns out that Rohit does not want to marry Stephanie because he wants to marry an Indian girl and tells her to get lost. Raju slaps Rohit across the face and confesses his love for Stephanie. Stephanie confesses her love for Raju, and the couple unites. Story 6: Ramdayal &amp; Phoolwati Ramdayal (Sohail Khan) weds attractive Phoolwati (Isha Koppikar) and would like to spend some intimate moments with her, but comical circumstances prevent him from doing so. On the day they get married, Ram accidentally sets the room on fire, thus ruining his and Phoolwati&#39;s first night. One night, Ram gets kicked out of a brothel w
52 hen five kids see him kissing Phoolwati. Ram and Phoolwati hid in a car but got injured when the car crashes into a house. Then, while travelling together on a train, they somehow manage to scare away the passengers from the compartment they are sharing, so they finally get their romance tim</span><br />
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