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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://immunefind.us/p7zbHIGusknYiO0gr-IHRtEjk6iT8rVEclA_wDx7E6ajsmIGRQ"><img src="http://immunefind.us/ba1c6b5654520b09bd.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.immunefind.us/pTjyf5UW0ab8uSaRzY5SUlfillzh2P_4Bwt8j2K32cVqYS_J6A" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="margin-left:50px;padding:15px;border:2px solid #000000;width:600px;font-size:17px;text-align:left;font-family:arial;"><b style="color:#FF0000;"><mark style="padding:5px;">WAIT!</mark></b><br />
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38<div style="color:#FFFFFF;">rat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar), Captain in DIA, a secret wing of Indian Army, returns to his home in Mumbai on a holiday. On his arrival, his parents rush him to see Saiba Thapar (Sonakshi Sinha), who they wanted him to marry. But Virat rejects her with an excuse that she is old fashioned and not his type. On the contrary, Saiba is a professional boxer, and is completely modern in her outlook. Virat notices her in a boxing match and falls in love with her instantly. One day, while travelling in a bus with his friend, Sub-Inspector Mukund &quot;Makhiya&quot; Deshmukh (Sumeet Raghavan), Virat, while chasing a man who he regards with suspicion when he tries to flee the scene of a check going on after a passenger reports his wallet as stolen, witnesses a bomb explosion killing innocent people. Virat manages to capture the man, Ajmal Lateef, who he realizes is a terrorist and has planted the bomb, but he escapes from the hospital with the help of a police mole. Vira
39 t kidnaps Ajmal again, interrogates him to ascertain the name of the police mole and also forces the police mole, corrupt ACP Ashok Gaikwad (Gireesh Sahedev) to commit suicide. He later discovers while examining contents in Ajmal&#39;s bag that a terrorist group has planned serial blasts in Mumbai to be executed in a couple of days with the help of 12 sleeper agents, including Ajmal himself. Virat remembers that on the day when the bombs are going to be planted, there is a wedding where his team member Joel (Randheer Rai) is tying the knot, and all his Army officer friends are going to assemble. Along with his fellow Army officers and Mukund, Virat manages to track these bombers, Ajmal included, and kills them before they could trigger the bom</div>
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