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3        <title>newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://marketho.us/lKvC4h2QM7dVuqANCl_xogI3encxMebTuqhEn47ViJXBZmBw6Q"><img src="http://marketho.us/5ea5d46cb03bc57b5b.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.marketho.us/rzcACYl5pb81BFT7LAHq_pes3BaqvWF1UIldAsoLRo2Z4bYp6g" width="1" /></a>
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36<span style="color:#ffffff;">nvijay Singh, a five-year-old boy lives with his parents, Ratan and Sampooran Singh. Sampooran, who is the Sarpanch of the village. One day a lady comes to the door and claims her daughter&#39;s father is Sampooran. Ratan insults her but Sampooran arrives and agrees with Amrita. Seeing this Ratan is heartbroken and locks herself in a room and attempts suicide. Seeing this, Sampooran leaves the house and Amrita dies at the door due to terminal illness with the child in her arms. Rannvijay, not aware of the adults&#39; history, takes in the infant and names her Veera, taking care of her like a mother. He soon sends her to the city to complete her education as she grows up to be a lively and brave girl. 15 years later Veera returns home and tries to open a solar plant in Pritampura. She meets a grown up, rowdy Baldev, whose righteous father Balwant is now the Sarpanch. Veera and Baldev fall in love during their training of farm equipment, and an aspiring sin
37 ger Rannvijay also marries Baldev&#39;s sister Gunjan. Rannvijay wins an esteemed music competition, and the stardom gets to Gunjan&#39;s head as she accepts advertising offers and also begins gambling in order to obtain cash for her luxuries. Gunjan soon gets pregnant but aborts the child for her career, damaging her chances of getting pregnant forev</span><br />
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