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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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18<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">eeta cannot gather the courage to steal her father&#39;s money and tells her father the truth. Her father forgives her and provides her with the money. Nikhil later tells Meeta on the phone that he should have gone with her to Goa when she asked him to come with her seven years ago. Meeta tells him that it is not too late for them to run away. When Nikhil comes to Meeta&#39;s and sees Karishma happy and joyful with her sibling, he returns home, realizing the complications and thus he cannot hurt Karishma. Nikhil scolds Meeta for being selfish and only thinking of her benefit and tells her to go away from here. Mr. Adlani calls Nikhil showing his interest in Nikhil&#39;s idea. On the wedding day, Meeta leaves her house without informing anyone, leaving her mobile phone in Karishma&#39;s room. Nikhil tries to call her and sends many texts, which go unanswered. On reaching the mandap, Meeta&#39;s father informs him that she has left for China. Karishma finds
19  Meeta&#39;s phone in her room, reads the messages, and realizes she has lost Nikhil. During the wedding, she asks Nikhil to leave, and her father supports her decision. Meeta cries at the airport and tries to end her life but gives up and goes back to the wedding. She and Nikhil reunite and express their love for each other, sealing it with a kiss. The movie ends with Nikhil and Meeta at the airport, scheduled to travel to Germany. Meeta tells him that there is another problem waiting for the</span><br />
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