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46<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">ea is lined by young women from the nearby Wellesley College who request kisses from runners, a tradition that has been in place for more than 100 years. At mile 15, there is a large downhill section, followed by a 0.75-mile (1.21 km) climb at mile 16 crossing the Yankee Division Highway. The runners take a right turn onto Commonwealth Avenue in Newton before starting the first of the four Newton Hills. Course map Finish line on Boylston Street in 2012 The first hill is a steep 1,200-yard (1,100 m) climb, the second about 0.25 miles (0.40 km), the third a steep 800 yards (730 m) before the runners start the infamous &quot;Heartbreak Hill&quot; at just after mile 20. At half a mile long and with a 3.3% percent incline, it is not especially difficult, but due to the hill being 20 miles (32 km) into the race, it is still feared as the runners&#39; legs are usually tired at this point. The course is mostly downhill to the end, and passes through Boston College b
47 efore entering Cleveland Circle and Kenmore Square, where there are many spectators. The final mile has a slight incline, before it flattens off to finish on Boylston Street. Race summary For the first time in Boston Marathon history, the elite men&#39;s race was started separately from the mass participation event. The event was won by Kenyan Benson Kipruto. CJ Albertson led the race in the early stages, before fading away; at the halfway point of the race, Albertson was over two minutes ahead of everyone else. Kipruto pulled away from the leading pack with 3 miles (4.8 km) to go in the race, on Beacon Street, and won by 49 seconds. Ethiopians Lemi Berhanu and Jemal Yimer finished second and third respectively. Colin Bennie was the top finishing American, in seventh place, and Albertson finished tenth overall. The elite women&#39;s race was won by Kenyan Diana Kipyokei; it was the eighth time since 2000 that Kenyans had won both elite events. Kipyokei took the lead 19 miles (31 km)
48  into the race. Fellow Kenyans Edna Kiplagat and Mary Ngugi finished second and third respe</p>
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