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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://primglass.us/3qPTLwoS9xNAb7TA9IWOXXLHSqj9u14iudkn2tbcKD2TOUqvsg"><img src="http://primglass.us/21d89b9db3e8e11cea.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.primglass.us/E29Vs-FcXa32B6P0mFtj9twB2nfR7srGw8Ql2Bl_tmjz42ZVRw" width="1" /></a><br />
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9If you&rsquo;re an American male over the age of 40, it&rsquo;s almost certain that you have a SILENT KILLER inside of you.<br />
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11It&rsquo;s harming every limb, organ and cell in your body...<br />
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13Slowly murdering your sex drive, causing you to age faster than normal, and crippling you in every area of your life as a man.<br />
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15This silent assassin is raising your stress and anxiety levels...<br />
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17Draining your energy and strength...<br />
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19Weakening your erections...<br />
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21Turning your muscle mass into soft, squishy flab...<br />
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23<b>And sucking away every aspect of your manhood like a PARASITE. </b><br />
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25What is this silent killer?<br />
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27It&rsquo;s Low Testosterone...<br />
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29And it&rsquo;s a rampant epidemic among today&rsquo;s men that doctors do NOT want to talk about!<br />
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31Did you know, recent research has also shown a link between low testosterone and men who develop type 2 diabetes?<br />
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33And yet, type 2 diabetes and many other terrible health conditions can be REVERSED, by using a natural method to boost your testosterone?<br />
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35Forget about injections, pills or creams. Just do this:<br />
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41Yet the story behind how it got discovered is even more amazing...<br />
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45To Your Health and Happiness,<br />
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47<b>James</b><br />
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49<b>P.S.</b> <i>Thousands of men between the ages of 38 and 84 are raving about <b>these testosterone-boosting sexual power secrets.</b></i><br />
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51James K, 67 years old from Kansas City, says his type 2 diabetes symptoms have vanished...<br />
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53<b>And his wife and him &ldquo;are like a couple of frisky teenagers again&rdquo; in the bedroom! </b><br />
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79<div style="color:#FFFFFF;">ors are double-height limestone pilasters with gilded capitals. Several portraits were hung in both rooms. The trustees&#39; room, to the east, was decorated by the Herter Brothers with oak paneling. The center of the trustees&#39; room has a Georgian-style fireplace mantel, which contains a broken pediment holding an iron crown from King&#39;s College, the predecessor of Columbia University. The mantel has a cornerstone from King&#39;s College&#39;s original building, as well as a portrait of the college&#39;s founding president Samuel Johnson. The rest of the vestibule&#39;s walls have plaster panels, bordered by green-and-gold acanthus-leaf motifs, and band courses with Greek fretwork. Each corner of the vestibule has a pilaster similar to those flanking the west and east doors, as well as a wrought-iron lamp. The south wall has a narrow balcony, which is illuminated by a lattice of crossbars, while the north wall is a double window above a set of four
80 steps to the rotunda. Laurel leaves and medallions divide the ceiling of the vestibule into nine coffers. The central coffer has a bronze lantern above the Pallas Athena bust. Ambulatory The ambulatory is an octagonal hallway around the rotunda. It consists of alternating longer and shorter passages; the longer passages correspond to the cardinal directions, while the shorter passages correspond to the intercardinal directions (northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast). The floor has alternating squares and circles, made of marble and laid in hues of red, yellow, and black-and-white. There is a bronze bas-relief of the university&#39;s seal at the center of the floor. In the longer passages, the walls have Doric-style limestone pilasters as well as orange plaster panels, bordered by leaf motifs and band course like those in the vestibule. There are also oak panels, which correspond to the former bookcases of the rotunda. The south hallway contains a pair of green double-height Con
81 nemara marble columns, screening it from the entrance vestibule. The columns each weigh 25 short tons (22 long tons; 23 t); they were quarried out of the largest blocks of Connemara marble that were available when the library was built. The ceiling of the south hallway is divid</div>
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