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28<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">he city is divided into 18 districts (German: Stadtteile): Ulm-Mitte, B&ouml;fingen, Donaustetten, Donautal, Eggingen, Einsingen, Ermingen, Eselsberg, G&ouml;gglingen, Grimmelfingen, Jungingen, Lehr, M&auml;hringen, Oststadt, S&ouml;flingen (with Harthausen), Unterweiler, Weststadt, and Wiblingen. Nine districts that were integrated during the latest municipality reform in the 1970s (Eggingen, Einsingen, Ermingen, G&ouml;gglingen-Donaustetten, Jungingen, Lehr, M&auml;hringen und Unterweiler). They have own local councils which acquire an important consulting position to the whole city council concerning issues that are related to the prevailing districts. But at the end, final decisions can only be made by the city council of the entire city of Ulm. History See also: Free Imperial City of Ulm Ulm in 1572 by Frans Hogenberg The oldest traceable settlement of the Ulm area began in the early Neolithic period, around 5000 BC. Settlements of this
29  time have been identified at the villages of Eggingen and Lehr, today districts of the city. In the city area of Ulm proper, the oldest find dates from the late Neolithic period. The earliest written mention of Ulm is dated 22 July 854 AD, when King Louis the German signed a document in the King&#39;s palace of &quot;Hulma&quot; in the Duchy of Swabia. The city was declared an Imperial City (German: Reichsstadt) by Friedrich Barbarossa in 1181. At first, Ulm&#39;s significance was due to the privilege of a K&ouml;nigspfalz, a place of accommodation for the medieval German kings and emperors on their frequent travels. Later, Ulm became a city of traders and craftsmen. One of the most important legal documents of the city, an agreement between the Ulm patricians and the trade guilds (German: Gro&szlig;er Schw&ouml;rbrief), dates from 1397. This docu</span><br />
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