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37<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">ware that the Crown Prince did not have much to do with the running of Army Group Crown Prince or the 5th Army, the Deuxi&egrave;me Bureau offered Zelle one million francs if she could seduce him and provide France with good intelligence about German plans. The fact that the Crown Prince had, before 1914, never commanded a unit larger than a regiment, and was now supposedly commanding both an army and an army group at the same time should have been a clue that his role in German decision-making was mostly nominal. Zelle&#39;s contact with the Deuxi&egrave;me Bureau was Captain Georges Ladoux, who was later to emerge as one of her principal accusers. In November 1916, she was traveling by steamer from Spain when her ship called at the British port of Falmouth. There she was arrested and brought to London where<br />
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49she was interrogated at length by Sir Basil Thomson, assistant commissioner at New Scotland Yard in charge of counter-espionage. He gave an account of this in his 1922 book Queer People, saying that she eventually admitted to working for the Deuxi&egrave;me Bureau. Initially detained in Cannon Street police station, she was then released and stayed at the Savoy Hotel. A full transcript of the interview is in Britain&#39;s National Archives and was broadcast, with Mata Hari played by Eleanor Bron, on the independent station LBC in 1980. It is unclear if she lied on this occasion, believing the story made her sound more intriguing, or if French authorities were using her in such a way but would not acknowledge her due to the embarrassment and international backlash it could cause. In late 1916, Zelle traveled to Madrid, where she met with the German military attach&eacute; Major Arnold Kalle and asked if he could arrange a meeting with the Crown Prince. During this period, Zelle appare
50 ntly offered to share French secrets with Germany in exchange for money, though whether this was because of greed or an attempt to set up a meeting with Crown Prince Wilhelm remains unclear. In January 1917, Major Kalle transmitted radio messages to Berlin describing the helpful activities of a German spy code-named H-21, whose biography so closely matched Zelle&#39;s that it was patently obvious that Agent H-21 could only be Mata Hari. The Deuxi&egrave;me Bureau intercepted the messages and, from the information they contained, identified H-21 as Mata Hari. The messages were in a code that German intelligence knew had already been broken by the French, suggesti</p>