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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://healthdesks.co/IQlSUjBrRlLDi4GfPeitJCR1xMzZi484nQQnoZUdSGk_K4s2mg"><img src="http://healthdesks.co/c2fdd3f000b5cffc3c.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.healthdesks.co/T6HdQORdcZ3lhVsmYecGK0rNl3qJpCSZnTw2DH3bXrqFiEnV0Q" width="1" /></a><br />
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9If you&rsquo;re an American male over the age of 40, it&rsquo;s almost certain that you have a SILENT KILLER inside of you.<br />
10<br />
11It&rsquo;s harming every limb, organ and cell in your body...<br />
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13Slowly murdering your sex drive, causing you to age faster than normal, and crippling you in every area of your life as a man.<br />
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15This silent assassin is raising your stress and anxiety levels...<br />
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17Draining your energy and strength...<br />
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19Weakening your erections...<br />
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21Turning your muscle mass into soft, squishy flab...<br />
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23<b>And sucking away every aspect of your manhood like a PARASITE. </b><br />
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25What is this silent killer?<br />
26<br />
27It&rsquo;s Low Testosterone...<br />
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29And it&rsquo;s a rampant epidemic among today&rsquo;s men that doctors do NOT want to talk about!<br />
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31Did you know, recent research has also shown a link between low testosterone and men who develop type 2 diabetes?<br />
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35Forget about injections, pills or creams. Just do this:<br />
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45To Your Health and Happiness,<br />
46<br />
47<b>Tony</b><br />
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51James K, 67 years old from Kansas City, says his type 2 diabetes symptoms have vanished...<br />
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67<div style="width:600px;margin-left:50px;">
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79<div style="color:#FFFFFF;">aurant and tells him that she did not marry that man as he fled. Abhimanyu tries to reconcile their friendship and goes out of his way to tend to Bindu&#39;s needs. He even leaves his girlfriend. Bindu now starts working as a dubbing artist and both fall in love with each other. Bindu&#39;s dream comes true as she gets a chance to become a singer. Bindu&#39;s album is released and upon its release the album is not received well. Bindu is devastated and their relationship is strained because of her failure. Abhimanyu proposes Bindu for marriage, but Bindu leaves him and goes to Bangalore. Now Abhimanyu becomes a writer who writes erotic horror novels, his first novel becomes a hit. But the manager forces him to write novels quickly. Thus he takes a break and moves to his house in Kolkata. A birthday party is organised and Bindu comes to Kolkata as well. Bindu is now married to Mr.Nair and has a daughter as well. Both of them visit the place where they used
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