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45<span style="color:#ffffff;">hback narrated by Khushi explains how her boyfriend, Nikhil Surana (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a young businessman and Jamnadas&#39; nephew, killed him in order to obtain the orphanage in his name and demolish it for the construction of a site. Upon confronting him and threatening to go to the police, Khushi was strangled to death by Nikhil. With the help of Vasu Reddy, he managed to prove the killings to be accidents. However, Khushi&#39;s spirit came for help to Anna, who was surprised that the boys could see Khushi and eventually brought them to the house to help get justice for Khushi. Back to the present, Gopal thrashes the goons sent by Vasu Reddy while the rest of the boys, who wanted to stay away from the matter, get emotionally convinced to stay. They convince Gopal to stop chasing the goons and later almost manage to scare Vasu into confessing the truth, but Nikhil arrives before they can and reveals there&#39;s no evidence to prove him guilty. This le
46 ads to a fight, during which Khushi attacks and nearly kills Nikhil but is calmed down by Anna, and Vasu convinces Nikhil to confess. With the orphanage saved, Khushi&#39;s spirit departs to heaven after bidding goodbye to the boys and Ann</span><br />
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