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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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11<div style="background-color:#01305C;width:650px;">&nbsp;
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51<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">oups start fighting each other out of anger. The three try to scare Gopal into leaving the house, but Gopal gets possessed and beats Lucky and Laxman badly. Later, Vasu Reddy assigns Madhav, Lucky and Laxman to burn down the house. But things go awry when Lucky gets possessed by the spirit and starts talking, which scares the group. The two groups then decide to leave, but Anna and Damini convince them to stay for the birthday celebration, and the group makes amends. The four find that Gopal has fallen in love with Damini and force him to confess his feelings. Pappi arrives and reveals that the girl they assumed to be Damini is actually Khushi, who is dead, while the real Damini is Pappi&#39;s girlfriend. The boys get terrified and try to escape the house along with Pappi, Babli Bhai and Vasooli Bhai after Damini confesses it herself. Anna arrives and stops them and explains to them that the ghost is none other than their childhood friend Khushi. A flashb
52 ack narrated by Khushi explains how her boyfriend, Nikhil Surana (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a young businessman and Jamnadas&#39; nephew, killed him in order to obtain the orphanage in his name and demolish it for the construction of a site. Upon confronting him and threatening to go to the police, Khushi was strangled to death by Nikhil. With the help of Vasu Reddy, he managed to prove the killings to be accidents. However, Khushi&#39;s spirit came for help to Anna, who was surprised that the boys could see Khushi and eventually brought them to the house to help get justice for Khu</span><br />
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