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39<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">ilm opens with a group of friends joking in their SUV while returning home from a party when suddenly, they are killed in a rain of bullets. Several hours earlier, Sandeep Kaur Walia (Parineeti Chopra) a.k.a. Sandy, a top executive at Parivartan Bank, is waiting for her boss, Parichay, for a dinner date at an upscale restaurant. She meets a journalist, Purva, (Suruchi Aulakh) who invites her to a party later in the evening. Outside, Sandy meets Satinder Dahiya (Arjun Kapoor) alias &quot;Pinky&quot;, who informs her that he is a cop with Haryana police and Parichay has sent a car to take her to a different location. Sandy is annoyed by Pinky&#39;s driving, especially since he is continuously on the phone with his boss (informing him of their location) and reveals that she is three months pregnant. Pinky encounters hooting from an SUV of young men and when his boss asks for his car plate number, he gives the number of the SUV. The SUV is halted by a police
40 checkpost and they start firing indiscriminately at it, as shown in the first scene. Pinky, who is behind the SUV, witnesses the massacre and drives to an isolated place. He concludes that Sandy was the real target and the police wanted to kill him as well to show Sandy as a casualty in a ruined operation on a suspended police officer. Pinky calls up his boss Tyagi (Jaideep Ahlawat), the head of a private security firm, who tries to calm him down and demands answers from Sa</span><br />
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