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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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39<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">kku and their friends decide to meet Rajiv to somehow convince him to break his engagement with Reena. To Rajesh&#39;s shock, he finds out that Rajiv is Sam. Enraged at the fact that Rajesh cheated Reena, Sam refuses to break up their engagement. Rajesh also tries to seek Reena&#39;s forgiveness, to no avail, and stalks her while she is on a date with Sam at a restaurant. Sam notices this and both he and Rajesh engage in a brawl which is stopped by Reena, who again warns Rajesh never to come near her. Rajiv also threatens to kill Rajesh if he sees him at the same place as Reena ever again. Enraged, Rajesh, Chokku and their friends decide to beat up Sam in a parking lot, but Rajesh backs out at the last minute, accepting the bitter truth that Sam and Reena are going to marry. Rajesh decides to accept the on-site opportunity in Singapore, which he had earlier rejected, to forget Reena. Meanwhile, Reena realises that she has fallen in love with Rajesh, even
40 though he had cheated her. On the wedding day, Sam realises the love Reena has for Rajesh. He cancels the wedding and takes Reena to the airport, where Rajesh is about to board a flight to Singapore. Sam approaches Rajesh and tells him that although they will always be enemies, he cannot marry a girl who does not love him. He wishes Rajesh and Reena well and leaves. Rajesh and Reena reun</span><br />
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