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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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35<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">nment agency makes first contact with aliens in 1961, alien refugees live in secret on Earth by disguising themselves as humans. Men in Black (MIB) is a secret agency that polices these aliens, protects Earth from extraterrestrial threats, and uses memory-erasing neuralyzers to keep alien activity a secret. MIB agents have their former identities erased while retired agents are neuralyzed. After an operation to arrest an alien criminal near the Mexican border by Agents K and D, the latter decides that he is too old for his job, prompting the former to neuralyze him so he can retire. Meanwhile, NYPD undercover officer James Darrell Edwards III pursues a fast and agile alien criminal in human disguise into the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Impressed, K interviews James about his encounter, then neuralyzes him and leaves him a business card with an address. Edwards goes to the address and undergoes a series of tests, for which he finds unorthod
36 ox solutions, including a rational hesitation in a targeting test. While the other candidates, who are military-grade, are neuralyzed, K offers Edwards a position with the MIB. Edwards accepts and his identity and civilian life are erased as he becomes Agent J. In upstate New York, an alien illegally crash-lands on Earth, kills a farmer named Edgar, and uses his skin as a disguise. Tasked with finding a device called &quot;The Galaxy&quot;, the Edgar alien tracks down two aliens (disguised as humans) who are supposed to have it in their possession. He kills them and takes a container from them but finds only diamonds inside. After learning about the incident, K investigates the crash landing and concludes that Edgar&#39;s skin was taken by a &quot;bug&quot;, a species of aggressive cockroach-like aliens. He and J head to a morgue to examine the bodies the bug killed. Inside one body (which turns out to be a piloted robot) they discover a dying Arquillian alien, who says that &quot;t
37 o prevent war, the galaxy is on Orion&#39;s belt&quot;. The alien, who used the name Rosenberg, was a member of the Arquillian royal family; K fears his death may spark a war. MIB informant Frank the Pug explains that the missing galaxy is a massiv</span></div>