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5<body><a href="http://ostgeens.us/gUYBj3YldD84KH_bNWpxnIw10iMneFTortbT-4-KOo2eCY4i-w" target="blank"><img src="http://ostgeens.us/d533b2a080b9e8fa81.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.ostgeens.us/m3MSCfnMkDVKKkJSQtReI6XRTP_2dPxK2Bnu9saXP2GSYYMK0w" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="width:600px;font-family:Arial;padding:20px; text-align:left; border:1px solid #48A7F5;font-size:17px; border-radius:50px 20px; box-shadow:0px 0px 20px 2px #A66D0E;">Trump, Pence Warn us About <b>COVID-19 Hysteria</b><br />
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9Something even more dangerous than COVID-19 is brewing in the shadows and nobody&rsquo;s paying any attention to it.<br />
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13taken down. This shocking presentation reveals the truth about the virus and what&rsquo;s going to happen to you when the pandemic is over<br />
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29<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:3px;">ith starred opposite Margot Robbie in the romance drama Focus, released on February 27, 2015. He played Nicky Spurgeon, a veteran con artist who takes a young, attractive woman under his wing. Smith was set to star in the sci-fi thriller Brilliance, an adaptation of Marcus Sakey&#39;s novel of the same name scripted by Jurassic Park writer David Koepp, but he left the project to work on the Ridley Scott-produced sports drama Concussion. In Concussion, Smith played Dr. Bennet Omalu of the Brain Injury Research Institute, the first to discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Smith reported he had doubts about the film early in the production, saying, &quot;some of my happiest memories are of watching my son catch and throw a football. I didn&#39;t want to be the guy who did a movie saying football could be dangerous.&quot; These views subsided when he met Omalu, whose words about American ideals resonated with Smith. Smith&#39;s performance
30  was praised for being &quot;sensitive  understated&quot;. Smith at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con In 2016, Smith played Deadshot in the supervillain team-up action film Suicide Squad. Smith&#39;s participation in the film meant choosing it over a role in Independence Day: Resurgence, which he said would be like &quot;clinging and clawing backwards.&quot; Later that year, Smith starred in director David Frankel&#39;s drama Collateral Beauty, playing a New York advertising executive who succumbs to a deep depression after a personal tragedy. Weeks after signing Smith onto the film, his father was diagnosed with cancer, from which he died in 2016. As part of his role required him to read about religion and the afterlife, he was brought closer to the elder Smith, calling the experience &quot;a beautiful way to prepare for a movie and an even more majestic way to say goodbye to my father.&quot; His film Bright was distributed via Netflix on December 22, 2017. An urban fantasy, it was the
31 most expensive film for Netflix to date. Smith collaborated with his director from Suicide Squad, David Ayer. That month, Smith launched his own YouTube channel, which as of July 2019 has over 6 million subscribers and 294 million total views. Also in 2017, Smith released the song &quot;Get Lit&quot; a collaboration betw</span>
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34<a href="http://ostgeens.us/CwHlR260MmvQYzEWeFnRWQr5mmVdZ4uvZL1tsPf32yO6p9st0Q" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://ostgeens.us/215be84323b2d2865a.jpg" /></a></center>