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47<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">est Lake in Huizhou was formerly known as Feng Lake. At the age of 59, Su Shi was exiled to Huizhou by the imperial government of Song. When he visited Feng Lake in Huizhou, he found it located in the west of the city and was as beautiful as West Lake in Hangzhou. Therefore, he renamed it the West Lake. In order to solve the traffic problems on both sides of West Lake, he invested to help build two bridges. Later generations named bridges as the bridge Su Di to commemorate his achievements. And the two bridges in the West Lake becomes one of the eight scenic spots in the West Lake, called &quot;Su Di Play Moon&quot;. Huizhou used to be a prosperous region, specializing in commerce and trading; this changed during the 20th century due to wars. After the 1980s, Huizhou followed the nearby Shenzhen and Dongguan path and developed as a manufacturing base. Demographics Huizhou is located in the Hakka-speaking area at the boundary of the Gan, Min, and Yue speaking
48  areas. Historical demographics In ancient China, Huizhou and Heyuan were part of the remote Lingnan region. In pre-Tang times, the population included Baiyue peoples (Zhuang, Yao, Hmong, Tanka, and She) but very few Han Chinese aside from imperial Chinese soldiers. According to the Huiyang County annals (2003), in the late Yuan Dynasty (14th century), what is now Huizhou had only 45,410 inhabitants in 9,545 households. That corresponds to one household and five people per square kilometer; in other words, the area was still remote and wild. Most of the 6 million inhabi</p>
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