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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://cholestero.us/x69GdzBCS6uQUDlRFKnwxMLqxLBIncTnFB6VQuw4NYchtnfHdg"><img src="http://cholestero.us/9e9de099dacf92bd78.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.cholestero.us/5xbgjJ4q389nlpnQAnMWJ3MxDkdDMXFBcxOSJK_gEzDk9BOcJQ" width="1" /></a>
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9<b>Don&rsquo;t drink another drop of water until you read this.</b><br />
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11New research from the University of Illinois has found by drinking the recommended 10 cups a day of water actively <b>increases</b> the hormone ghrelin (the hunger hormone!)<br />
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13.. slowing your metabolism and making you <b>FATTER!</b><br />
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15Yes it sounds crazy.<br />
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19You&rsquo;ll also discover a new method to lose from 1 to 2&frac12; pounds of fat every day (that doesn&rsquo;t involve 10 cups of water a day)<br />
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21Find out more here:<br />
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25To your amazing health,<br />
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45<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">indarajulu (Chiranjeevi) is a mesthri (construction worker) who drinks a lot and lives a carefree life. On the other hand, his son Siddartha alias Siddu (Chiranjeevi) is a popular TV show host and a very disciplined man &mdash; the opposite of his father. Siddu gets Govinda married to Shanti (Tabu) to sober him. Siddu is in love with Swetha (Rimi Sen), the daughter of a big-time contractor named Veerendra (Prakash Raj). Veerendra happens to be a childhood friend of Govinda but currently dislikes him due to his behaviour and social status. He agrees to get Swetha married to Siddu but tells Govinda that in order for the marriage to take place, he must distance himself from Siddu, as Veerendra does not like Govinda&#39;s influence on Siddu. Govinda, being the loving and caring father that he is, decides to fake kicking Siddu out of the house so that the latter can marry Swetha. At the engagement, though, Siddu publicly revealing the condition that Veerendra has
46  given. It is revealed that Govinda&#39;s friend had told Siddu about the condition, and it is the sole reason that Siddu was kicked out of the house. Siddu returns to Govinda, and a vengeful Swetha decides to separate the family and have Siddu for herself. She begs Govinda to forgive her and take her as his daughter-in-law, as she had not known about Veerendra&#39;s conditi</p>
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