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1<!DOCTYPE html>
4        <title>Newsletter</title>
5        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"><meta name="description" content="The Most Comfortable Quick-Draw Holster You’ll Ever Use!">
6        <style type="text/css">body {background-color:#ffffff;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:top left;background-attachment:fixed;}
7h1{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff;}
8p {font-family:Georgia, serif;font-size:17px;font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;color:#000000;background-color:#ffffff; margin-left:40px;}
9        </style>
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40<p><b style="font-size:17px;"></b></p>
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64<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">ecies is subject to considerable debate, with analyses recovering starkly different figures. Devils Hole was formed around 60,000 years ago, with some researchers assuming the pupfish has existed in isolation for 10,000&ndash;20,000 years. How it colonized Devils Hole is unknown; hypotheses include arriving via subterranean waters or over dry land. As Native Americans used pupfish species as food, it has been speculated that they introduced the pupfish to Devils Hole, intentionally or not. Its divergence from a common ancestor with C. nevadensis mionectes was estimated at 217&ndash;2530 years in one study. Two studies, each based on independent genetic datasets, estimated that this species may have first colonized the hole within the past 1,000 years, but another suggested the species is as old as 60,000 years. These estimates depend heavily on knowledge of the mutation rate in this species, which is unknown, but is predicted to be one of the highest for any
65  vertebrate due to its small population size. Description Group of Devils Hole pupfish The Devils Hole pupfish is the smallest pupfish species in the genus Cyprinodon, with lengths up to 30 mm (1.2 in). The average length is 23 mm (0.9 in). Males and females differ in coloration. Males are overall dark brown with metallic blue on their sides. The margins of all fins are black, and the back has golden iridescence. Iridescence is particularly pronounced on the opercles (gill covers) which have a violet sheen on their posterior side. The iris is blue and also iridescent. Females and young are more yellow in color than the males. Females have yellowish-brown backs, and the margins of their pectoral and caudal fins are yellow, not black. The dorsal fin has a black margin like the males, however. Females&#39; opercles are me</p>
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