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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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48<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">ight tributary&quot; and &quot;left tributary&quot; (or &quot;right-bank tributary&quot; and &quot;left-bank tributary&quot;) are terms stating the orientation of the tributary relative to the flow of the main stem river. These terms are defined from the perspective of looking downstream (in the direction the water current of the main stem is going). An &quot;early tributary&quot; is a tributary that joins the main stem river closer to the main river&#39;s source than its end. Similarly, a &quot;late tributary&quot; joins the main river much further downstream, closer to the main river&#39;s end point. In the United States, where tributaries sometimes have the same name as the river into which they feed, they are called forks. These are typically designated by compass direction. For example, the American River in California receives flow from its North, Middle, and South forks. The Chicago River&#39;s North Branch has the East, West, and Middle Fork; the Sou
49 th Branch has its South Fork, and used to have a West Fork as well (now filled in). Forks are sometimes designated as right or left. Here, the &quot;handedness&quot; is from the point of view of an observer facing upstream. For instance, Steer Creek has a left tributary which is called Right Fork Steer Creek. Ordering and enumeration Tributaries are sometimes listed starting with those nearest to the source of the river and ending with those nearest to the mouth of the river. The Strahler Stream Order examines the arrangement of tributaries in a hierarchy of first, second, third, and higher orders, with the first-order tributary being typically the least in size. For example, a second-order tributary would be the result of two or more first-order tributaries combining to form the second-order tributary. Another method is to list tributaries from mouth to source, in the for</p>
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