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6<div style="font-size:20px;font-family:cambria;width:600px;padding:20px;margin-left:50px;">Hey,<br />
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8I&rsquo;m so glad you requested this book.<br />
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10When we first started keto, we found it difficult to find good recipes and would often spend hours searching online.<br />
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12This cookbook is a compilation of all our favorite recipes we&rsquo;ve come across so far.<br />
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14Hope you enjoy them!<br />
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18Best wishes...<br />
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31<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">trialisation in the city dates back to the 16th century, when textile mills manufactured goods which were exported to British during its war with France. According to Forbes magazine, Chennai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and is ranked among the &quot;Forbes-Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the World&quot;. It is ranked 4th in hosting the maximum number of Fortune 500 companies of India, next only to Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. It also is home to 24 Indian companies having a net worth of more than US$1 billion. As of 2012, the city has about 34,260 identified companies in its 15 zones, of which 5,196 companies have a paid-up the capital of over ? 50 lakh. Zoho Headquarters in Chennai Chennai has a diversified economic base anchored by the automobile, software services, hardware manufacturing, health care and financial services industries. According to the Confederation of Indian Industry, Chennai is estimated to grow to a
32 US$100 billion economy, 2.5 times its present size, by the year 2025. As of 2012, with ? 1 lakh crore investment in the pipeline over 5 years, the city is poised for major industrial investment. Chennai is classified as a global city by GaWC, with a ranking of Beta based on the extent of global reach and financial influence. It is estimated that about 400 financial industry businesses are headquartered in the city, half of which are located in the areas of Mylapore, R. A. Puram, Nungamba</span><br />
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