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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7BazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsDwXe5MOgA_36b5_4b3d6_0"><img src="http://costcoproof.co/f6ba90dada00d7b35e.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.costcoproof.co/47NazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsDwxsGNDwA_36b5_4b3d6_e" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="width:600px;font-family:calibri; font-size:17px; text-align:left; margin-left:40px;"><br />
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9I&rsquo;m going to show you <a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7JazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsAwMWj2UwA_36b5_4b3d6_2" rel="sponsored" target="blank">how to turn your front door into a &ldquo;hardened barricade.&rdquo; </a><br />
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11<em>(As well as every other door in your house)</em><br />
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13You need this info.<br />
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15Because without it&hellip; <strong>bad guys are just one swift kick from being inside your home.</strong><br />
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17Thankfully, turning your doors into &ldquo;hardened barricades&rdquo; is far easier than it sounds.<br />
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19All it takes is a quick, cheap trip to the hardware store and an hour or so of time.<br />
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21You&rsquo;ll get step-by-step instructions in ex-Army Cop Frank Mitchell&rsquo;s new book, <em>Bulletproof Home Security</em> -- <strong><a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7JazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsAwMWj2UwA_36b5_4b3d6_2" rel="sponsored" style="color:#FF0000;" target="blank">which is being handed out FREE today!</a></strong><br />
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23<em>But you&rsquo;ll see far more than just how to make your front door a &ldquo;hardened barricade.&rdquo;</em><br />
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25Inside, Frank reveals everything you need to lock your house down tighter than Fort Knox.<br />
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27You&rsquo;ll discover things like:
29        <li><strong>Your Home&rsquo;s BIGGEST Weak Spot:</strong> Every house has this, and it&rsquo;s begging to be broken into.</li>
30        <br />
31        <li><strong>How to Make Your Windows Like &ldquo;Transparent Steel</strong>&rdquo;: Without this, intruders can break into your house easier than a 24-hour Walmart.</li>
32        <br />
33        <li><strong>Common Mistakes That Mark You As A Prime Target:</strong> You might as well be waving a big red flag that says &ldquo;rob me&rdquo; <a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7JazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsAwMWj2UwA_36b5_4b3d6_2" rel="sponsored" target="blank">if you&rsquo;re doing these 4 things.</a></li>
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38Like I said, today you have the chance to get a copy of this priceless security manual for Free.<br />
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40With the constant risk of more rioting and social unrest, Frank is handing these out Free to ensure as many Americans as possible are prepared for the worst.<br />
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42But unfortunately, <strong>he doesn&rsquo;t have many copies to give away.</strong><br />
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44There are currently <a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7JazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsAwMWj2UwA_36b5_4b3d6_2" rel="sponsored" target="blank">enough Free copies for the next 11 readers.</a><br />
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46After that, we can&rsquo;t make any promises.<br />
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48<strong><a href="http://costcoproof.co/Y7JazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsAwMWj2UwA_36b5_4b3d6_2" rel="sponsored" style="color:#FF0000;" target="blank">Grab your Free copy NOW while they&rsquo;re still available.</a></strong><br />
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51<b>Waters</b><br />
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65<a href="http://costcoproof.co/47FazsDgocbIAALXNrMwLNBmYNhqxsDwWtinAAA_36b5_4b3d6_c" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img src="http://costcoproof.co/cbd23d7b0b61ebede0.jpg" /></a><br />
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71<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">istic career Further information: Norwich School of painters Thirtle&#39;s painting of a river scene The River Yare at Gorleston, with shipping (undated), British Museum The art historian Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton charted Thirtle&#39;s development as an artist into four periods. During the first period, c.1803 &ndash; 1808, he produced few works, and his style fluctuated; the following period from 1808 &ndash; 1813 is marked by the strong influence of Cotman. During his third period, from 1813 &ndash; 1819, when his article style returned to being more conventional and less realistic, he produced outdoors what the art historian Andrew Hemingway has described as &quot;wonderfully spontaneous and sure sketches&quot;. After 1819 he produced few works. Thirtle&#39;s earliest known work is his landscape The Windmill (1800), an unusual subject matter for him, as he first exhibited works that were not landscapes, but portraits and paintings of other subjects. By 18
72 06 he had begun to increase his output of landscapes, and to stand out as a master of the genre of watercolour painting. In 1803, Crome and Robert Ladbrooke formed the Norwich Society of Artists, which included Vincent, Charles Hodgson, Daniel Coppin, James Stark and Robert Dixon. Their first exhibition, in 1805, marked the start of the Norwich School of painters, the first British art movement created outside London. Thirtle exhibited five paintin</p>
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