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45<span style="color:#ffffff;">irtle is known to have suffered from tuberculosis for many years. This greatly interfered with his work output, although the art historian Derek Clifford has commented on the stronger and more freely expressed manner of these later drawings. Thirtle died of tuberculosis in Norwich on 30 September 1839, and was buried in the Rosary Cemetery in Norwich. The tomb-chest of Thirtle and his wife can be found in Section E (Reference E759 Sq(uare)). After his death, the framing business was taken over by William Boswell. In Thirtle&#39;s short will, made in 1838 and proved in December 1839, he described himself as both a carver and a gilder. He left the sum of GB&pound;2,000 (equivalent to GB&pound;194,500 in 2019) to his wife Elizabeth. She outlived him by many years, dying in 1882 at the age of 95. Style and technique Boat Builder&#39;s Yard, near the Cow&#39;s Tower, Norwich (1812), Norfolk Museums Collections John Thirtle exhibited 79 works in Norwich, the ma
46 jority of which were of the city or the Norfolk countryside. His style was influenced by the English watercolourist Thomas Girtin, as well as fellow members of the Norwich School, such as Crome and Cotman. Thirtle responded to Cotman by producing works that were technically accomplished. Walpole notes that they were produced by &quot;a very independent spirit, answerable to no-one&quot;. The artist Henry Ladbrooke, who was a contemporary of Thirtle&#39;s, wrote: &quot;As a man of genius, Cotman was much Crome&#39;s superior and, as a colourist, Thirtle far surpassed them both.&quot; Thirtle&#39;s watercolours can easily be distinguished from those of Cotman and only occasionally show his influe</span><br />
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